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Malik wearily moved through the front gate of The Order’s compound. It was surrounded by a large iron link fence topped with razor wire. The building was a large 5 story structure, the outside covered in dark mirrored windows and brown sandstone siding. Cars and trucks of various sizes and models were parked in the modest size parking lot that surrounded the main floor.

On the otherhand, security that was on a completely different level. Cameras, both visible and not, were posted throughout the parking lot and atop the structure. Inside, Malik knew that cameras were also a common place except in the bathrooms and the sleeping quarters. Lifting his arm, Malik pressed his left hand to the biometric scanner next to the front door. Bright neon blue lights shinned and flicked under the sensor, reading his finger prints.

“Access Granted; Hello Malik Delacroix.” An automated female voice stated in a mechanical tone. The front doors hissed and slid open, shutting immediately as soon as Malik stepped inside. The main floor was a large lounge attached to a gym and an assortment of other rooms. A 19 year old female with cotton blonde hair flicked her sky blue eyes towards Malik, noting the dripping wound in his shoulder as he stood in the middle of the first floor entrance. Malik could smell the blood, thanks to his heightened senses, as his fingers dug deeper into the wound and rooted around for the vampire’s bullet.

“Malik,” the girl started, concerned. His eyes turned to hers, both a warning and a threat to stay away from him now. Finally his fingers found the chuck of smashed metal lodged deep within his shoulder muscle and imbedded in his shoulder bone. Withdrawing his bloody fingers from the wound, he instantly appeared before the elevator, using his vampiric speed. Being a Dhampir made him a host to many useful and often entertaining abilities though sometimes they became a burden. A bloody finger pressed the call button for the elevator, making it glow.

“Kat,” Malik said, his voice cold but firm. The younger, female vampire hunter watched him from her seat about 20 meters away. “Get someone to clean up that pool of blood on the floor, I have to go and file my report.” Kat wanted to protest but she knew it would get her nowhere. Malik had always been stubborn and determined, ever since she had met him six years ago.

Nodding, she respected the request and headed off to the janitorial closet for some rags and towels. The elevator bell chimed and its golden doors slid open, Malik stepped in and impatiently pushed the 5th floor button. Again the doors chimed and the elevator stared upwards with a low hum. Soft jazz drifted through the speakers while Malik leaned against a hand rail, going over the night’s progress.

Two vampires dead and a possible lead. Not bad…better than the previous nights. The vampires had grown more cunning and smart, hiding and blending in or just leaving the city all together. Even with the city’s population at 3 million and rising, vampires had been diminishing. Mostly because of Malik’s relentless search to find his vampire father and kill him.

Ever since he was 15 he had hunted across the country, settling at one of the order’s main strongholds in Havensford city. Now at the age of 21, he finally had a name, Markov. Whether the vampire had lied or not was to be determined. Electricity jolted through Malik’s body as he shifted his shoulder, the wound would soon start to heal. He needed to remove the bullet, otherwise it would become trapped in the muscle tissue and cause an infection.


“Thank God!” Malik growled moving through the still opening doors and walking with long strides down the hallway. Spinning on his heel, he pushed the bathroom door open and moved to the marble sink. He tore off his blood soaked black shirt and inspected the wound.  The edges of his skin were charred black with powder burns and looked like shredded hamburger meat.

Removing one of the vampire’s pistols from his belt, he pulled a bullet from the chamber and clenched it between his teeth. First, Malik dug his fore finger into the wound, searching through the now quarter sized hole as blackish red blood dripped onto his chest and painted his pale skin. His teeth gripped to bullet tightly to fight off the pain as his finger reached the bullet and then the bone it was lodged in.

Grunts and recoiled screams echoed around the abandoned bathroom as Malik tugged and coaxed the bullet from the wound, hearing a satisfying clank when the metal hit the bloodied floor before him. This had been the second time he had been shot by a vampire. Many of them weren’t too keen on using weapons because most were over confident in their senses and powers.

Stooping down, he retrieved the slug and felt the wound in his shoulder begin to stitch itself back together. Automatically healing himself, depending on the wound, was a greater alternative to sitting through surgery. Yet with all the abilities he had as a Dhampir, Malik hated what he was. Hated that somewhere in his blood coursed vampire blood. He hated that he was partially kin to those savage, blood sucking creatures of the night.

“Malik?” a voice asked from behind the bathroom door. It was Kat.

“Persistent girl ain’t you,” he replied gruffly, sitting on the ground and resting his head against the wall. Kat opened the door enough to poke her head through. Smiling, she stepped inside, not minding that it was the guy’s bathroom. 

“Why the hell do you push everyone away, when you need help?” she asked him, crossing her arms and watching him. Malik snorted and pressed his fingers against the skin where the gunshot wound had been moments ago. A small pink line was all that remained, another reminder of his carelessness when fighting and another reason to keep searching.

“I push no one away and I don’t need any help.” His eyes looked up to hers, telling her his displeasure at brining this topic up again. The third time this year if he remembered correctly. “A vampire gave me a lead tonight, even if it is bogus…it’s something. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Malik drawled, exhausted. “I’m going to take a shower and turn in for the day.” Vampire hunters slept during the day just like their vampire prey, making it easier to hunt without the fatigue of staying up both day and night.

Standing, he moved to go out the door except something made him freeze. It was a cold, icy feeling in the pit of his gut that made his hair stand on end.  Something or someone was nearing the building. Malik blinked as the power shut down, red lights flicking on as the backup generators came online. Malik roughly grabbed Kat’s arm and held her still.

“Someone’s here, they’re very powerful and very close by.” Kat mouthed the word vampire and he shrugged his shoulders. Sirens and alarms began to blare loudly, announcing an unauthorized presence in the building. Malik checked his watch, it was only a half an hour till sunrise. Whoever this person, vampire or not,  he was stupid enough to walk into a building full of vampire hunters armed to the teeth with every weapon imaginable.

“Let’s go,” Malik growled, holding the two sliver pistols, one in each hand. 

The End

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