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“Yes Vampire, I am a Dhampir. So I’m faster, stronger, and deadlier than any regular vampire hunter.” Malik stood and dusted off his pants. Taking the stake in his hand, he hooked it into a loop on his belt. “So vampire, what’s it gonna be?” he taunted the creature. “We both know that I could have already killed you.”

“Then what do you want?” The vampire asked, a slight twitch in his eyebrow. It wondered if this was just another hunter trick, he had fought many before and they were crafty. But never in his immortal life had he encountered a Dhampir…his child. It smirked at the hunter, information was the bargaining chip and now it held all the cards.

“I want the vampire that raped my mother, making me and causing her death. I haven’t learned his name and none of your kind has been gracious enough to tell me anything about him. Want to change that?” Malik grinned and watched the creature, knowing that a chance to escape before the nearing sun appeared would be too much to pass up.

“How do you know that I won’t get staked, after I tell you what I know?” The vampire asked, a hand resting on the handle of its pistol. There was an eerie silence that passed between them, the wind howled, and the bustle of the nearby city echoed. Somewhere off in the distance a car horn clanged and a woman’s shouts screeched at an unfaithful spouse. “Well?” Releasing a half suppressed snarl, the vampire nodded its head. Trading one of its own kin wasn’t something that anyone did but if it would spare his hide so be it.

“Alright,” it conceited “I’ll help you.” Malik leaned against a nearby air conditioning unit.

“Go on Dracula.” Malik chuckled, the vampire snorted at being called such a thing. Humans had no true concept of what vampires could really be or do, all they knew was what Hollywood and the internet fed them.   

“My name is Davis,” the vampire shot back, flashing its fangs. Malik shrugged and motioned for their conversation to begin again. Davis sighed. “The vampire you’re looking for…his name is Markov; he’s one of the veteran’s in the immortal community. I don’t know where he is. But rumor has it that him and some vampire hunter, fell in love. She was the leader of The Order of the Righteous Blood.” Malik cocked an eyebrow at this; his mother hadn’t been willingly in love with such a creature…that was a lie! He narrowed his eyes at Davis, reading its body language and emotions as it continued.

“So Markov and the hunter met many times afterwards, I’m guessing one of those meetings,” Davis gestured to Malik “Made you.” The hunter shifted and his grip tightened on the stake at his side. He couldn’t believe that he had decided to trust the vampire; he knew that they were crafty manipulators and liars. But to disgrace his mother and say that she willingly loved a vampire, the creatures she had hunted her entire life. That was more than Malik could take.

“Davis, I honestly don’t know how you think that you can lie to me and get away alive…I find it a bit curious that you would tell me this sad excuse for a story.” Davis took a step back, knowing that everything had just gone belly up and it needed to escape. Malik tossed his dagger; the blade soared and missed the vampire’s head by centimeters…an intentional miss. He drew the stake and shifted right in front of Davis. He drove his hand down towards its heart. The vampire, brought his arm up, using his pistol to deflect the blow.

Davis's eye watched as Malik’s stake came down towards him again, following the movement of the stake and swinging a left hand to block the deadly weapon. It waited as the motion of his gun came level with Malik's right shoulder and fired. Malik didn’t even cry out as the bullet tore through his muscles and lodged in his shoulder bone. It wasn’t something to worry about, he would tend to the wound later. Carrying its swing through, Davis connected the gun with the stake and brought its right hand down to follow the left.

Both of the guns now pressed into each of Malik’s shoulders, one of them bleeding heavily from the gunshot wound. Before the hunter could retaliate Davis used his body's momentum and turned, bringing his leg up into a kick that connected sharply with the side of the hunter's head. He was tossed across the roof, bouncing off the cold concrete and coming to a stop just before the edge.

He gasped, however, at the sight of her stake bouncing off the edge of the roof and dropping down into the alleyway below. Davis noticed the falling stake also, spinning his guns back onto their holsters. The vampire sprinted towards the end of the roof, leaping after the stake.

Malik cursed and followed after the vampire, grabbing it in mid air and wrestling fiercely. He knew that if he got the stake first, he could end this silly game once and for all. The two fought all the way, kicking and punching until ground grew uncomfortably close. Breaking from each other the two landing gracefully and immediately, searching for the stake. Malik didn’t want to take any chances, running at Davis just as it drew a pistol and aimed it at his forehead, stopping the hunter instantly.

“Fucking bloodsuckers!”

 Just then, both their eyes fell to a dimly lit patch of filth near a giant garbage bin. Atop the filth, lay the stake, waiting to be retrieved. The hunter ran towards it, dashing through the alley and reaching out for the weapon.


The loud gunshot reverberated in alleyway as the stake shattered into thousands of tiny wooden fragments. A small trail of smoke rose up from the barrel of Davis’ gun; the bullet was intended for the hunter but Malik had easily dodged the projectile. Davis readied his fingers around the pistols triggers, watching carefully as Malik stared at the broken stake. A low rumble of echoed at the back of the hunters throat but he knew he had to keep his cool, getting angry would get him killed. He let out a long breath and relaxed his tense muscles.

“Give it up hunter! You’re dead and your mother fucked a vampire! Humans must be really disappointing if she went to those lengths just to get a good fuck!” Before the vampire could continue his tirade, Malik appeared before Davis and twisted its arm, pinning the vampire under his boot. Its two .50 caliber pistols skipped across the ground and out of the vampire’s reach.

“I’d say it was fun, but then I’d be lying. Rot in hell bloodsucker.” Malik leaned down and grabbed one of the stray pistols, repaying the vampires kindness by pushing the gun in the back of its head.

“You…you can’t kill me! I’m telling the truth!” Davis squealed, struggling and writhing under Malik’s heavy foot. Malik pistol whipped the vampire, splashing blood into the alley as Davis shouted and groaned.

“My mother,” the hunter’s voice snarled through gritted teeth. “Was not some vampire’s lover! He locked her in a trance and raped her! I will kill every single vampire until I find him or make your kind extinct!” The vampire opened its jaws to protest.


The gun barked loudly tearing open the vampire’s skull and caused its body to fade and disintegrate into a pile of ash.

“Good riddance…” Malik paused and thought over what the dead vampire had said. “Markov,” he muttered to himself, retrieving the other pistol and walking back out onto the street. That name sounded terribly familiar, a sullen expression gripped his face as he continued down the sidewalk. He had to pull the bulletfrom his bleeding shoulderbefore the wound could heal properly. Maybe even a shower and a good night sleep at The Order’s complex would take away all the stress upon his shoulders.


Standing on and adjacent rooftop, a tall man watched the hunter leave. The ashes from the dead vampires still lying abandoned in the alleyway. The man frowned at how spiteful the young Dhampir was. He could see that the hate and festering rage was destroying Malik. Sighing, the man turned and disappeared. He would confront the hunter, but not this night. The sun was an hour from breaching the horizon and burning to death didn’t sit well with the man. Not when there was so much to do.    

The End

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