Dhampir ch.2Mature

The Vampire turned its head towards the alley just off to the right. A figure slowly emerged from the darkness, his eyes as bright as the stars above. His hair was short, black, and slightly spiked. His clothes were dark, a black shirt and black cargo pants; a stark difference from his pale skin. Along  the man's belt sat various vampire hunter tools to be used against the creatures of the night.  

A smile wicked and sharp, twisted Malik’s lips, and his hand brandished the stake still stained with blood from his first kill. The vampire stared at the wooden weapon, almost seeing it smiling in the same manner as the man holding it. A major threat not to be taken lightly.   

The vampire narrowed its eyes and stood its ground, Malik glanced at the guns the creature wielded, but they didn’t faze him; he had been shot before. Grinning, he moved towards the vampire with strong, yet precise movements, each step emphasized by the clap of his boots.

"What do you want with me?" the vampire asked suddenly, the velvet sound of its low tone stopped the man in his tracks. Malik looked into its pale, pale eyes and chuckled.

"I want you dead." He answered coldly, causing the vampire to grimace, the tips of its fangs peeking from behind its lips. Malik enjoyed the look. Ever since he had started hunting for the vampire who had raped his mother, he had seen that look. It was a mix of fear, anger, and sadness; knowing that their immortal life was suddenly so fragile. 

There was no escape and they both knew it, only one would survive. Again Malik moved, standing face to face with the vampire, neither wanted to give up any ground or show any weakness. Malik leered, one hand curled around the stake and the other resting on the pommel of his glinting dagger. Both of their shadows, for a moment, fused upon the pavement, while they stared each other down. Both predators…both prey.

“Were you the one that killed her?”

The vampire said nothing, a flash of confusion behind its eyes as it watched Malik’s every movement. Its fingers hugged the triggers of its handguns, a sixth sense honed in completely on the stake. Waiting for it to strike first. The man moved a few steps back and tilted the toes of his boots slightly outward, hinting at his intentions. Malik snarled.


That word alone was enough to force the vampire to move, Malik watched coolly as it vanished from in front of him and, before he could draw another breath, he felt the cold press of the shinning pistols against the back of his neck. He chuckled slightly, feeling the creature’s frustration as the barrel pressed deeper into his neck and the hammer cocked. 

"I'll ask you once more…" The vampire said in a steady tone, "…What do you want with me? Who are you trying to find?" 

Malik laughed again as he replied, "I told you, vampire." He spat the words like they were poison turning his head to look back at it. A smile still curling the edges of his lips as his grip on the stake tightened. "I want you to die." With that he moved, swinging the stake round and towards the vampire’s chest. It jerked back and swung its own hand, the gun connecting with the hunter and blocked the stake from reaching the vampire's heart.

Malik didn't stop though, he swung again and again, pushing the vampire back with a strength the creature hadn't felt from a hunter before. In fact the strength he displayed was very unusual for a vampire hunter let alone a human. As his last strike connected with the vampire, he knocking it nearly clean off its feet, a flicker of worry crossed its face. 

Malik scoffed at the creature as it found its balance again and moved. Not wanting to have a fight on the streets where humans could see. A mob was just as dangerous as a master vampire hunter. Malik's eyes followed the vampire, watching him scramble up the side of the building. Quickly, he moved after it until they both stood on the rooftop. It raised the pistols again but no sooner had it taken aim, than it felt the warm breath of the hunter behind him, the air shifting around as Malik’s body moved and his hand came down towards the vampire.

Within his hand was the dagger, starving for the immortal creature’s blood. His agility and strength matched. The vampire tried to keep his mind focused as it shifted from where it stood, turning in time to feel the tip of the stake graze across the skin of its cheek. The wound flared, seering like an intense fire. The creature hissed, pulling itself back as it growled at the hunter. The cut slowly started to heal and vanish as a bead of blood fell to the ground.  

Malik watched the creature a mix of triumph and disgust bubbling in his stomach like a toxin. He could tell the vampire wasn’t entirely old but he fought with more tenacity than many of its older kin. He sighed, placing the dagger in its sheath and locking his fingers around the stake…it was time to stop fooling around.  

The vampire took aim again, noticing Malik smirk and watching as he once again vanished from sight but, this time, the vampire instantly thrust its elbow back, connecting with Malik’s stomach as he appeared, sending him flying back across the roof. His body hit the roof and tumbled into a pool of moonlight that splashed against the side of the building, overflowing onto the rooftop. 

The vampire straightened itself up and put its guns away.  Walking steadily over to the hunter, waiting for another attack but Malik didn’t flinch. He was biding his time, waiting for the vampire to see something it took their kind only moments to figure out. It watched him with wide eyes as Malik slowly stood back up.Meeting the vampire with a steady gaze, grinning broadly, Malik's skin almost glowing in the slivery light. Concern and shock flashed across the vampire’s face, a tremor of disbelief echoing in its voice.

 "A Dhampir?!" 

The End

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