Katherine was just a typical teenager... well except she was an orphan living with her Aunt and cousin who despise her very existence. On her fourteenth birthday she runs away for a bit of fun only to find for the second time in her life things were about to dramatically change. You see she is no normal teen but a dhampir (half-human/half-vampire). Here is her story...

          I got out of the car and howled my frustration into the air.  My friend Stephen got out of his car laughing at me.  I put the bottle of Southern Comfort to my lips and took another long swig.  I walked down the path towards the lake with him hot on my heels.

          “You plan on sharing that birthday girl,” he laughed stretching his long legs to catch up with me.

          “Sure,” I said passing him the bottle.

          My phone vibrated and I pulled it out of my pocket.  I sighed when my Aunt Claudia’s number flashed across my screen.  I clicked the ignore button on the phone and slipped it back into my pocket. 

          “How long you plan on ignoring her, Katherine?  You got to go home sometime,” he said steading me as I stumbled.

          “As long as I can.  I escaped her security last time and I don’t plan on going back just now.  I'm tired of living like her dirty secret.  I am not spending another birthday locked in my room so she can pretend she is perfect and I'm beneath her notice,” I sighed pulling my black hair tie out letting my long dirty blonde hair cascade down my back.

          We walked off the path and ended at a secluded section of the river.  I smiled and pulled my shirt off to expose my tankini bathing suit.  Kicking off my clothes I ran as fast as my legs could go and launched myself into the air.  My hands snatched the rope out of the air as I sailed out towards the deeper part of the river.  I released the rope and somersaulted into the water.  I felt the initial shock of the cool water envelope my body as I slid into its welcoming arms.  I broke the surface of the water flipping my wet hair over my head more relaxed then I had been in days. 

          Stephen’s serious green eyes seemed to search my soul as he watched me, “You know she is going to catch you and there will be hell to pay.”

          “Stephen that hasn't stopped us before now.  I'll bear the brunt of whatever happens and of course you will come out smelling like a million roses.  No worries.  Now if you're done with that bottle how about you be a sweetie and let me finish it,” I said gliding through the water towards the bank in a playful tone.

          He handed me the bottle as I pulled myself out of the water.  Unscrewing the bottle, I noticed he was staring at me, I threw my head back and chugged the last of the bottle. 

          “Whew,” I shook my head, “Now that has warmed me up how about a race to cheer me up on my sixteenth birthday!”

          “You’re on,” Stephen said pulling his clothes off until he was in his swim trunks.  “Only this time we up the bet.  If I win no more holding back we take our relationship to the next level and get serious.”

          I thought about it for a moment, “Fine.  When you lose I get the bottle of Vodka you're hiding in your pants pocket.”

          He laughed.  “Should've known I couldn't hide that from you.  Same race as always out to the buoy and back.  One… two… three…”

          I sprung off the dock diving into the water.  I swam under the water as far as I could before I came up.  I knew I was the better swimmer but I also knew Stephen wanted a serious relationship and would swim for all he could. I broke the water’s surface halfway to the buoy and I heard Stephen not far behind me.  He was making good progress but I could tell he was not swimming his fastest.  I swam harder kicking my legs harder in case he was tricking me, propelling myself forward like a mini-submarine.  I was a woman on a mission.  I was not about to give into Stephen and his idea of a serious relationship.  Hitting the buoy, I went under the water and pushed forward into the water moving as fast as my body would go.  I broke the water again to hear Stephen panting behind me.

          “I concede!  You won this round but one of these days I'm going to win,” I heard him say as I pulled myself out of the water. 

          I retrieved the Vodka from his pocket and took a long swig.  “Keep dreaming tiny Tim.  Your idea of a serious relationship simply means you want in my pants.  I am so not about to let that happen.  However, I do enjoy beating you for the constant supply of alcohol.”

          “You are a prude!  So what if I want in your pants.  I will even play out your version of a relationship and not mess with anyone else while we're together.  You should see it as a complement I am even interested,” Stephen said in a teasing tone.

          “Not being mean, but you've, slept with half the high school I'm not really sure that makes you wanting to be in my pants a compliment.  I am not impressed with your daddy’s money like the other girls,” I giggled splashing him playfully from the dock.

          He shook his head and sighed as he came to sit by me, “I don’t think I am ever going to get you.  You are colder than an Arctic winter.  You cannot tell me you don’t want me.”

          He kissed me hard and a soft moan escaped my lips.  I kissed him back pouring all my frustration into that kiss.  His hands danced over my body making me feel alive and wanting.  My hands flew across his body returning touch for touch making him want me as much as I wanted him.

          “I do want you,” I panted, “but all animals can be aroused.  I want more then sex.”

          I fell back onto my back drunkenly and watched him process this information.

          “God you are drunk.  Then no reason to say no anymore.  I will be whatever you need.  Whatever more is,” he panted back.

          I shook my head, trying to push him back, “When you approached me weeks ago you said friends and occasional make-out buddies.  I like how you make me feel but I am not sleeping with you Stephen.”

          “I said no reason to play hard to get anymore.  I give.  Tell me what you want me to be.  This is so happening,” he growled shoving me back down.

          My head was fuzzy and alarms were still ringing in my brain.  Stephen never acted like this before.  He had way more to drink other nights.  Why was he pushing the issue so hard?

          I tried to sit up only to find myself pinned under his body weight.  I felt weak like a newborn. The world was swirling around me.  “Let me up!”

          “Not this time.  I win.  You are going to be mine today,” he grunted ripping at my swim shorts.

          I groaned on my back, “God I don’t feel good.”

          “Don’t worry it’ll wear off in a bit,” he grinned mischievously at me.

          I blinked at him slowly before I understood what he was talking about, “You bastard.  What else was in the vodka?”

          “Does not matter now does it?  You are about to know how a man loves a woman.  A fitting birthday present I think,” he sneered.

         'Help!' my mind screamed.  'God, Mary, Saints, anyone help.'

          Not waiting on divine intervention my body kicked in as a surge of adrenaline shot through me when I felt him free my swim bottoms.   His pants were sinking rapidly to the ground and I could see he was happy to free of his clothes.  I pushed all my weight into throwing him off me.  He lurched to the side as he was still unsteady from just having freed himself from his pants.  I rolled the opposite way into the water.  I heard him cussing on the dock but I did not stop.  A searing pain shot through my left leg as entered the water but I did not care.  Fight or flight response kicked in and I knew immediately that I had to get away from him.  I swam under the water as fast as I could go.  I swam for the middle of the river knowing if I could get the current to flow with me I would easily out swim him.  A few seconds later I heard him jump in the water after me.  I swam harder than I ever had before.  My mind began to swirl again and I tried harder to concentrate.  I never looked back to check on Stephen’s location afraid I may give him the small edge he needed.  This was a race for keeps and I was determined not to lose.  My skin felt like ice water had been thrown on me when I hit the river’s current.  It pulled me down river and I welcomed it.  I propelled myself with the current and knew I had won.  I could hear Stephen cursing and yelling up the river but I did not stop.  I swam until I felt another wave of nausea hit me.  It felt like it took forever but I made my way to the river bank.  I felt the world was closing in on me.  I crawled up the bank into a small copse of trees that had a ring of holly bushes around it.  The last conscious thing I remembered was crawling under the bushes to hide praying no one would find me without bottoms. The darkness took me then and I faded out of this world.

The End

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