For You

"What's wrong...Frodo." I asked not knowing what else to say.

"Talia, what do you say? Will you stay with me?" He asked in a different voice. I gasped; I hadn't told him my real name. How did he know it? I ran. Into the rain I plowed. His laugh followed me.

"Talia, sweet Talia you can't get away." He called. What was he? What happened to the boy I was talking to? I ran, the rain pelted me feeling almost like hail. The wind blew it in my eyes, and blurred my path which didn't really matter because I had no idea where I was going. The mud squished beneath my feet and I could barely keep my footing. I fell once, but got right back up. My legs moved like never before. Tears streamed down my face mixing with the rain. Could it have all really only been an act? Our conversation played back in my mind, and it hit me. He was hurt. He said he had many friends/girlfriends/parent leave him, but he had said it lightly. I didn't think much of it. It must have torn him apart, thrown all his ideas of love, and of hope away; and an image of himself crooked from pain was created. I stopped. Bible verses of demon possessions, and Dekker's book Adam raced in my mind. He, in a moment of absolute despair, gave up the right to his soul. I was so sure of it. I don't think I had ever been so sure. Not only did it make logical sense, but it felt right, it felt real. I turned. Although I wasn't quite sure where he would come from.

"Tristan." I called. God gave me his real name, how else would I have known it?

“Talia, Lady Love, you have discovered my name.” He said appearing from behind one of the trees.

“I won’t leave.” I said

“That’s what they have all said.” He snarled. I could only smile, he was so broken, and I wanted to help him.

“Tristan.” God please give me the words to say I prayed. “Even if people are only in your life for a season, God is always by your side.” I said with love.

“Where was he when Tristan was crying on the floor in his bedroom huh?” The demon possessing him asked. “Your God” he spat “Wasn’t there, but I was, I shared his hatred, his anger.”

“Tristan” I said a tear falling down my cheek again. “He was right beside you, but you wouldn’t let him comfort you.”

The twisted grin faded for just a flicker of a second.

“What do you know?” It growled practically flying at me. It pushed me against a tree hand against my chest. Those red eyes were only centimeters from mine. I took a large gulp of air. My whole body shook, I was absolutely terrified. 

“If your God is real” He said with that twisted smile unmoving “then surely he will save you.”  His hand reached for my throat. His icy closed hands closed around my throat, so cold were they that steam came from my neck.  I cried out and closed my eyes.

“Tristan, how can I stay if you send me away?” I whimpered. A snarl came from the demon and his hands tighten. It hurt, but I smiled. I didn’t pull at his hands or try to get away.

“Take my life.” I managed to choke out “If it lets some of your hate go away. I give it gladly.” That was it, my world went dark.

The End

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