The Cave

I hate to say this like some clichéd story, but it started to rain. At first it was a light rain and we thought we could tough it out, but it got heavier and heavier.

"Hey look!" The boy exclaimed pointing at a small cave.

"Oh good, let’s get out of the rain." I said running towards that cave. I practically dove into the small area. He wasn’t far behind, but the area was small, so we had to really squish together.

            “I don’t think I asked your name.” I said

            “Oh, uh….its Frodo.” He said. I laughed

"Fine then my name is Galadriel." I replied with a chuckle

"Oh you've seen the movies?" He questioned.

"Yeah. I love them." I said with a smile.

"Which is your favorite?" He asked

"Probably the first." I said.

"Oh I like the third." he said

"Ah the one with all the battles." I said knowingly. He laughed.

"Yea." He said. At that moment I remembered my book.

"Shoot!" I exclaimed pulling the wet mush of papers from my soaked bag.

"Awe that sucks." He sympathized.

"I was really was enjoying it."  I said upset.

"You can always get another." He offered. I gave him an "I guess so, but I don't really want to have to" look. He gave me a weak smile of encouragement.

"How about you, do you like to read." I asked.

"Well of course, who wouldn’t?" He said happily

"Unfortunately many people don't like to." I replied

"Well they are missing out." He said. I nodded in agreement. Talia. Was that the wind calling my name? I shivered a little in fright.

"Are you cold? Here." He said putting an arm around me. My heart literally started to go crazy and warmth spread throughout my body.

"Thanks." I said softly. He leaned over and put his mouth to mine. Startled I pulled away.

"I uh barely know you." I said.

"But I feel like I've known you forever." he replied looking at me sadly.

"I'm flattered, but uh how about we just talk for a little?" I stammered. He looked a little disappointed, but nodded. I looked out at the rain, too nervous to look at him.

"Sounds pretty. Huh?" I said looking back at him. I sucked in my breathe, for a second it looked as if he was looking at me, as if he were a predator and I his prey; but then it was gone replaced by that soft smile. I smiled back, but that look really made me uneasy. I pinched myself. Talia it's only a trick of the moonlight. I told myself, but it just didn't feel right. We entered into a conversation and I forgot about it. We talked and talked. Then when I was completely at ease, when I felt as if I'd known him forever; his face went back to that expression, not only that, but it twisted. His eyes turned a softly glowing red, and his mouth twitched into a one sided smile. I gasped.

The End

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