Off in the distance, against a pitch black backdrop, it looked like a medieval castle. The grounds around it were completely flat, almost unnaturally flat. It was because of this that most of the locals thought the surrounding grounds were haunted, like an ancient burial ground of some sorts. In reality, they were not too far off, it was actually an unmarked mass grave site.


During World War 2, in Nazi occupied France, this building was used as a sort of “death camp,” although nobody lived very long once they got there. The Nazi’s used this as a torture chamber for Jews they thought were of particular threat to the party. All around the grounds of this building was a mass grave.


October 24th, 1943. German Officer Till Rostenburg was on watch at the German “Army Hospital” in the then renamed Hamburg, France. There was a large army truck moving slowly up the winding road towards the hospital. Till knew that the truck was full of what they called the “Außergewöhnlichen Juden.”


When the truck finally got to the main gate, after what seemed like forever, Till could hear screaming and crying within the truck.


* * * * *

The inside of the building consisted of two main hallways, and 133 cells. Till always remembered the first night he was there, in the last cell on the left of the main hallway. His first assignment was to take a girl, about 19 years old, out to the back behind the building, and shoot her in the head.


“I’m not afraid of you,” she said as she looked up at him from her knees and spat at him.

“I’m not scared to die.”


“There are worse things than death,” Till remembered saying to her as he shakily cocked his Luger.

The End

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