After you die what happens? Well for the ones that the devils take a interest in they are brought back to life and forced to work for them or else there loved ones are tortured forever, the revived souls job is to gain power for the devils to boost there status at their "Round table". So in all it's a battle of power in with the devils to become the next king and control the world.

As soon as he woke up something had irked Evan about his house. That’s not to say that he wasn’t usually displeased with his current living condition but today a few things had annoyed him.

It could have been the fact that it was pitch black outside when it should be eight in the morning, the fact that he just hated literally just about everyone, or the fact that it was eight in the morning and his siblings hadn’t woken him up for school or breakfast yet.  This one scared him the most because his father had a habit of hurting them.

Sometimes just letting them off with a few scrapes at best, and at worst ,which happened often.  Drowning, slamming their heads into the walls, suffocating them. The normal thing to do would to assume that they were fine and probably just slept in right? Well that would be for a normal functioning family.

Evan was afraid that their father had finally broken and killed them, I mean it’s not easy taking care of conjoined twins, after realizing all of this he quickly stood up and darted to the door before flinging it open only to be met with something he didn’t want to believe.

His brother and sister were there lying on the floor, except now they were no longer connected. This was no miracle that they weren’t joined at the hip anymore, it was a nightmare .

They had been torn, ripped away from each other. He could still see the tears that they had in there eyes. He could imagine the terror, he imagined the struggle and the yelling and the screaming that they went through as they were cut apart and left there to bleed out at his door. The sadness of loss and betrayal could only be described in terms of him immense hatred for everyone he had come in contact with.

He heard a giggle from the other end of the hallway, he turned to see his father standing there with the knife that he was given for his 13th birthday before he started to hate everyone, before his father became a monster, the monster with that stupid grin on his face whenever he hurt people, The father that had taken care of him for 13 years, the monster that had murdered the only people he didn’t hate in the world. Rage filled Evan as he ran towards his father who was just standing there looking of into space responding to nothing as if he were and empty doll. No matter how close Evan got to him he didn’t move or make any visible sign to show that he even noticed him. 02

With his anger increasing by the second he punched his father in the nose before taking the knife and stabbing his father repeatedly in the chest. Slash, stab, plunge, gouge, stab, stab, stab. Over and over he hurdled the knife at him, but still his father didn’t move or make any movement to stop him, with one last stab he pushed the knife through his skull into and out of his brain pinning him onto the wall.

Slowly the adrenaline in his system subsisted. He sat there crying thinking over and over what he could have done to stop this, the more he thought the more tears came unwillingly to his eyes. Why hadn't he heard it, why hadn't he woken up why hadn't he. “Nu uh uh” A voice both threatening yet mellow whispered from the corpse of his father. “That’s not how this story goes. Startled Evan tried to stand up only to slip on the pool of blood on the floor frozen with fear he couldn’t move. His father or the body of his reached up and plucked the knife from him eye unpinning him from the wall.

His father gripping the knife walked towards him as if he were walking to work. “It goes more like this.” With a sudden jerking movement Evan’s father plunged the knife into his arm pinning him to the front door.  His father slowly and viscously twisted the knife in his arm causing immense amounts of pain he tried to say something anything but the only thing he could produce from his mouth has a half scream before his father muffled the sound with his free hand.  With one desperate act he kicked out with his legs knocking his father back a few paces giving Evan just enough time to run out of the door. He ran out not paying attention to his surroundings or the fact that he was seriously bleeding from his left arm, drowsy from the pain and blood loss he didn’t realize when he stumbled into oncoming traffic and only slightly registered when he was smashed by a 18 wheeler effectively killi-

Evan woke up with a start, the barn he had been staying in for the past few days hadn’t gotten into a better state overnight sadly, most of the wood planks that made up the sides were rotting and some of them were just missing all together.  The front of the barn was open letting the chilling breeze from outside to seep in which was the most likely thing to have woken him up.  “Bad dream?”  The pair of voices sounded from the side of him. Everytime he heard those voices his heart leapt in joy only to be smashed once again by the realization that it wasn’t them just the Demon that had contracted him back to life.

“I wish you wouldn’t take that form.” Evan growled at the demon.  "Don't be like that" the two voices resounded. "It's time to go to work."


The End

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