It was time for her disappearing act that could only be achieved when sandwiched under nine struggling men.

"nine guys against on old lady." Evelyn struggled to breath. She twisted her hands around until her fingers found the hand of the man binding hers. She flicked the ring finger back and stabbed the man with the point at the bottom of her poison ring. It only took seconds for the poison from the ring to take effect. The man who had been tying her collapsed backwards, amidst the struggling, no one noticed. Evelyn shook her hands free from the half knotted rope.

"Stratagus should've sent more." She mused aloud, finding her next victim.

It soon became obvious to the remaining guards that something was wrong. Several of their companions were not responding or moving.

"Ay what's going on?" One of the guards called nudging one of the fallen to find the man dead. The guard sprang away from the group.

"Witch!" He cried retreating in fear. At his words those remaining sprang away to find their numbers dwindled to three.

Evelyn rose, shaking herself free from the bodies. She climbed over the fallen drawing a blade with each hand. Before the cowering men could retreat, she had launched her blades. One hit a guard square in the throat the other, caught a guard in the arm. He cried out in pain clutching his arm and waiting in terror for some curse to befall him. The third guard didn't wait for her to draw another blade, he charged forward drawing his sword.  Evelyn jumped out of the way drawing a dagger and another blade. She launched the blade at the injured guard and this time the blade found its mark.

It was just her and the one remaining guard and he wasn't going to give her time to attack. He advanced with blow after blow, some well thought out others crazy and hectic, forcing her to constantly defend. Evelyn retreated until her back collided with the wall of the tunnel. The guard continued to attack until he was right up in front of her his blade inches from her face as she fought to push him back with her dagger. Metal against metal. Evelyn felt her muscles wavering. She looked around for a way out. The guard swung at her again. Evelyn met this one forcefully pushing his arm back with her returning  blow. In the time it took for him to bring his arm around again for another swing she dropped down. Sliding against the wall until her seat landed on the muddy floor. She drew her legs into her chest before extending them to hit the man in the chest. She braced herself against the wall with her arms and pushed with her legs sending the man stumbling back.  He tripped over his own clumsy feet and fell  to the floor. Evelyn rose quickly to her full height, growing dizzy. She threw she dagger down at the man. It sunk into his thigh. The man screamed out in pain clutching at his wound.

"You can tell your boss that if he wants to kill my husband, he's gonna have to do it himself." Evelyn spat staggering backwards.

The guard laughed humorlessly. He drew the blade from his thigh.

"Tell him yourself." He countered, taking the dagger and slitting his own throat. Evelyn gasped in horror jumping away from him. She felt she might be sick. But she managed to propel her legs into a run despite her nausea.  

 The guards did not return and Stratagus knew they would not. He paced the streets anxiously. He knew he should've gone himself and this time he would. No more failures this time. He stopped his pacing with a cold resolve.

"Wilhert!" Stratagus boomed.

"Milord?" Wilhert replied, approaching the king somewhat timidly.

"I need you to dig up the body of the gatekeeper. Gword."

The general's expression was a mixture of disgust and confusion.

"The gatekeepers body?" He repeated.

"Yes, there is an old friend I want you to deliver it to."

The End

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