Enjoy the Lie

“How. The Hell. Did. You. Not. See this coming?” Stratagus demanded enunciation each word forcefully.  Roshell blinked deliberately slow.  

“Do you want the truth or another lie?” She asked resentfully.  

“All this time…You knew… Since I hired him?” Stratagus demanded his anger growing with each word.  

“Enjoy the lie.” Roshell persisted, standing up.

“Betrayed by my own sister.” Stratagus growled in disbelief.

“Betrayed by my own lover.” Roshell hissed.

“You lying wench!” Stratagus screamed lunging at her. Roshell jumped back, He caught her thin neck in his hands. Roshell pulled at his arms, trying to loosen his grip. Stratagus’ gaze soften for a moment, his hand trailed roughly up her neck, his thumb caressed the edge of her cheek bone.

Roshell meet his gaze hopefully. With a quick twist and a sharp snap it was over. Stratagus released her. Roshell fell lifeless to the ground as gracefully as a falling snowflake, melting with the ground.


            They swung around a corner quickly. The sound of the dragon core tearing down the tunnel behind them was growing closer. The ground shock with the enormity of the perusing groups footsteps. Evelyn lead the way down the next tunnel trying to remember the way back to Fritter Alley. But with Adrian’s labored breathing and Theodulus’ staggering steps beside her this task was very hard. She knew they wouldn't make it back safely. Evelyn drew to a halt, she glanced over at Theodulus. He fixed her with his blue eyes, he seemed to sense what she was thinking. He shook his massive head. Evelyn met his eyes with a stern gaze.

"Go." She said.

"No." Adrian gasped, reaching towards her. His hand brushed hers. "I lost you once already...once is enough."

“I…Kat, she can’t leave us both…Adrian he’ll kill you.” Evelyn said pushing his hands away. “You’ll come back and save me…like old times.”

"This is not your fight." Adrian cried, agony in his eyes as he tried to climb off of Theodulus’ back. Evelyn pushed him back on.

"Which is why he’s not going to kill me? He won’t hurt me until he has you and you know it." Adrian hesitated before shaking his head.

The sound of their pursuers grew closer. Evelyn gave Theodulus a pleading look, he now understood the coldness he’d seen in her eyes, and it was sacrifice. It was fearlessness…it was death. The large Wer bowed his head miserably. How impossible his promise was now, but he could still save one. He took off at a light jog.

“No!!” Adrian cried out, struggling to detach himself from the Wer but as Theodulus’ picked up speed he was forced to hold on to his back.

Evelyn sighed miserably. She looked over her shoulder; she could see the vague outline of her pursuers. She took up a light jog down the tunnel ahead. Unsure of where it led to she jogged down it, She jogged until she came to a bend in the tunnel. She hid behind the bend and drew her blades from around her hip. She made light footstep sounds with her mouth to draw the soldiers to her. It worked flawlessly.

When they were only a foot away, she sprang out from her hiding spot, flinging the blades as she landed. The guards stumbled to a stop trying to ready their weapons. The blades hit their marks taking down several soldiers. Evelyn began to retreat backwards still launching her blades. This time the soldiers were ready for the attack and while there was no room in the tunnel to shatter some managed to duck the blade. However, the blades took down several more severely dwindling the force.

Evelyn turned from them and bolted down the tunnel. The soldiers fired arrows after her. She ran zigzag to avoid them. Arrows whizzed past her on either side, she could fell others pass painfully close to her. She took a sharp corner and slipped on the muddy ground, twisting her ankle. She let out a cry of pain as she struggled to stand. One of the guards grabbed her from behind she spun around to face him, stabbing a blade into his hand. The guard let out a cry of pain releasing her. Another guard was quick to take hold of her. Another slammed her in the back with the blunt end of his spear. Evelyn let out a cry of pain collapsing forward.

“Search her.” Someone ordered, before a set of hands scaled her legs and waistline drawing her weapons from their hiding places. Evelyn gritted her teeth. She let her weight rest on the arm being supported by her captor. In one swift movement she swung her legs up before drawing them back and kicking the man who was searching her in the face. He staggered back bleeding from his face.

Her captors, realizing they were her support, released her. Evelyn fell to the ground, softening her landing with her arms. The guards tried to recapture her again. Evelyn brought her legs up to a ninety degree angle, before spreading them and knocked each guard on the side of the head. It became obvious to the rest of the fleet that she was not going to come peacefully.

“Subdue her!” One guard yelled and the remaining nine men tackled her to the ground as she tried to stand. Evelyn gasped winded as her arms were yanked behind her back. Someone kneed her in the gut before another kneed her in the back. She struggled to breathe while trying desperately to shake the men off.  Rope went around her ankles binding her legs together. 

The End

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