Cursed Fire Fly

Evelyn's eyes watered as she stared transfixed at Adrian huddled in the cage like a broken doll discarded in the trash. She’d never seen him so helpless. Her voice caught in her throat as she tried to call out to him but simply mouthed his name wordlessly feeling as trapped and helpless as him. There came a hideous buzzing from behind her and she jumped startled. Everyone’s eyes trailed up towards the sky. She followed their gazing, what she caught sight of nearly made her hurl. The Cursed Firefly, it had the same form as a natural firefly only this one was exponentially larger maybe half the size of a Wer. His six long black jointed arms fiddled frantically as he swooped down towards the cage; his wings beating rapidly. His fangs bared. He made a dive of the cage door. Toby ducked out of the way. The bug slammed into the front of the cage in his haste. He hissed flying backwards and rolling across the ground.

            Evelyn's lips twisted into a determined line. Her fingers slipped behind her back and she drew a blade from her belt. This wasn't a sacrifice, this wasn't sensible, there was surviving after this, it was reckless, it was revenge. And Stratagus would feel pain she'd make sure of that.  


            The bug shook himself off rising up. His grotesque slimy face covered in dirt. He clutched his pincers together. His larges eyes fell on the door to the cage.  Adrian looked up, his eyes void of emotion, void of life. His lifeless stare only strengthened Toby’s resolve.

            The bug flew through the open door. Toby rushed to close it. He caught sight of Evelyn, she was enrage, irrational.

She pushed her way towards the front of the crowd her hand gripping a blade. She looked up once,  she caught sight of Toby standing in the door of the cage. His gaze stilled her, forcing her feet to a stop. There was a fierce almost animalistic strength behind his soft blue eyes. Evelyn's brow furrowed in confusion.

Toby stepped into the cage and locked the door behind him. The crowd fell into a silent confusion. Before breaking into a excited frenzy, yelling, cursing and cheering. The bug rose up in anticipation clicking it’s pincers excitedly.

Toby threw off his overcoat. A low rumbling growl, rolled up from deep within his throat.

It sent chill done Evelyn's spine. The crowd fell silent once more.

The bug spun quickly in the air to face Toby.

Toby fell onto all fours. His back hunched, it stretched and bulged unnaturally ripping through his tunic. His arms widen, his muscles contorting and expanding as he transformed before the crowd into…

“Wer.” Evelyn gasped.

The crowd drew in a sharp breath, the cheering had been replace by a tense silence. None knew how to react so they said nothing.

The blue eyed Wer, Theodulus, stood in the center of the cage.  He growled warningly at the firefly.  

"Impossible." Stratagus breathed, rising from his chair incredulously.

Adrian watched with a mixture of horror and excitement. A small laugh escaped his mouth. He couldn’t help but let a hopeful smile steal its way across his lips.

The Firefly  fluttered anxiously in its corner hissing warningly.  Theodulus' prowled the cage His massive shoulders hunched as he pinning the firefly down with his intense gaze. He advanced quickly. The bug fluttered upwards away from him. Theodulus leapt up, he caught the bug in his teeth they both collided with the roof of the cage with a loud BANG!  bending the bars of the roof before slamming down to the floor the cage. The bug tried frantically to get away, stinging Theodulus with its pincers but the Wer held on tight, with his fangs. He moved his large paw over the fireflies skull and crushed the bug with a sickening popping noise. The golden blood of the bug splatter across the cage landing on the bars with a sizzle.

That was the only noise for what seemed like a long pause. No one dared to breath as Theodulus turned in the cage to pin Stratagus with a defiant stare. The large wolf barred his teeth.

"Kill. Them. Both!!” Stratagus shouted, his voice finally returning to him.

The archers atop the roof released a row of arrows. Many arrows bounced off the cage, a few glided through but missed both Theodulus and Adrian.

Theodulus roared, he bounded in front of Adrian shielding him from the attack. Toby bit into the copper bars of the cage pulling them apart as easily as if they were spider webs.

The archers released two more rows of arrows in quick secession. Several flew into the audience hitting bystanders. The crowd began to panic and run pal-mal in all directions. Evelyn struggled to go against the flow and not get trampled as she rushed towards the north tunnels.

 Theodulus picked up Adrian gingerly with his teeth before rushing out of the cage, bounding through the frightened crowd. A well shoot arrow found it’s mark  landing deep in Theodulus’s hind leg. His leg buckled. He slipped on the ground, with a flick of his head Theodulus tossed Adrian atop his back. Adrian cried out in pain.  Theodulus half hopped half limped inside the north tunnels a shower of arrows landing behind him.

“AFTER HIM!” Stratagus ordered his furry not allowing himself to move from his spot as he shouted orders angrily. The guards fought against the crowd, rushing mindlessly around looking for shelter.

Stratagus let out a yell of frustration which turned into a hideous growl.  He grabbed handfuls of his own hair twisting and pulling until his knuckles turned white against his skin.

            He felt Roshell’s eye’s on him. He turned to face her. He released his hair slowly, several strands came off in his hand. Roshell wore a cold expression. Her eyes venomous.

The End

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