"You have to let me come." She pleaded quietly opening her eyes. Toby shook his head, renewed resistance in his blue eyes.

"No, now I'm definitely not letting you come. There is no way I'm losing you."

Kat pushed him away, tears rising to her eyes.

"And I can lose you?!" She demanded angrily.

"You can trust me." Toby said sincerely. He reached out and this time Kat resisted his embrace but he caught her all the same. In one swift movement he lifted her from the ground and he had her over his shoulder.

"No. No. NO TOBY!" Kat cried kicking and wriggling as he brought her back towards Skippers house.

"Shush." Toby hissed twisting Kat around until he was able to cover her mouth with his free hand, muffling her screams as he carried her precariously to the door. He looked around to make sure no one had heard her screams. But as was normal with Fritter Alley there was no one to be seen.

            Toby  kicked the door to Skipper's home open with his foot and walked awkwardly through the door.  Evelyn looked up from her anxious pacing.

"Is this your definition of getting someone to listen?" She asked.

"The definition varies per circumstance." Toby replied.

Kat kneed him in the chest as hard as she could. And bit his hand covering her mouth.

"Ouch!" Toby cried in surprise but didn't release her.

"Skipper basement." Toby called struggling to keep Kat in his arms.

Skipper nodded, rising from his chair. He pushed the table he was sitting at, out of the way and removed the rug that was lying on the floor to reveal a hidden trap door.  He pulled open the trap door.

Skipper took a lamp off the wall and climbed down the step ladder leading to the basement. He reemerged moments later without the lamp.

"Now Kat, my best wines are down there so no messing around, take your anger out on Toby when he gets back but leave my wine alone." Skipper warned.

Kat glared at him venomously.

Toby climbed down the ladder careful not to bump Kat's head against anything. He found a corner to deposit Kat. He placed her down before rushing out of the basement. Kat rushed after him quickly. Toby managed to climb out and close the door behind him before Kat could reach it. Skipper slipped the lock on the door.

Kat banged against the door angrily.

"I hate you Toby!" She screamed through the wood.

"In that case I'd like to see what you do to people you like." Toby replied humorously.

"Me too." Evelyn said coldly, one eyebrow raised suspiciously.

Toby cleared this throat uncomfortably.

"Kat trust us, ok." He called softly through the door.

There was silence beyond the door for a pause.

"Please...don't die." Kat whispered softly through the wood so Toby had to strain to hear it.

"I promise."  Toby replied.

Evelyn sighed. "Let's go." was her reply. She turned to leave but before she did she knelt by the trap door.

"Kat your father and I love you, we will do whatever it takes to protect you. And I will bring him back."

Silence followed before Kat whispered softly.

"...tell him...I said..hi..."


The End

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