Chapter Twelve

The day of the execution arrived slowly, announced by the chiming of the morning bells from the school of time. There seemed to be a hesitation in the bells as they rang, a sort of disbelief that this day had finally come. As Evelyn, Toby and Skipper, prepared for the task at hand they work in silence. None wished to give voice to the doubts fluttering in their minds but instead echoed empty encouragements and reassurances that all would end.

"I have to have this cage over to the coppers store before the third ringing." Toby said twisting another copper wire onto the cage compulsively. He and Skipper stepped back to admire their work sitting the center of the abandoned road of Fritter Alley.

"Let's tell the ladies then." Skipper said, leading the way back to the house. Toby closed the door behind him as he entered.

Evelyn was standing by a table concealing several small blades along her person. Kat sat across from her sharpening her daggers against a smooth rock. The women both turned their attention to Toby as he entered.

"We should start heading over to the market area soon. Security will be brutally tight. I know a place they won't check. They basement of pub...the fight room. I can get you in. Once the event starts you guys can sneak out and join the crowd." Toby said.

Evelyn nodded,.

"Skipper will you be with me or will you stay here?" She asked.

"Either way it'll be nerve wracking but I think it's best I stay here, you'll have less to worry about." He replied. Evelyn nodded. Once all the blades were secure on her body she pulled on her worn leather jacket.

"Kat, I want you to stay here." Evelyn said, glancing over at Kat.

"What?" Kat gasped.

"I'm not risking you and your father at once! I can only afford to lose one family member and by God it won't be you!"

Kat opened and closed her mouth several times wordlessly an incredulous expression frozen on her startled features.

"But I...but..." she managed to squeak out. "This was my plan, I came here....I started it!"

"And it is a great plan as long as it doesn't involve you getting hurt!" Evelyn said with finality.

"No!" Kat protested fiercely. Evelyn's eyebrows lowered warningly.

", no, no! You may be able to convince Skipper to sit this one out but I will not stand here idly fiddling my fingers while everyone I love is endanger!"

"It's easier than you might think." Skipper interjected bitterly.

"Then don't stand and fiddle. you could pack for our escape but I won't endanger you. This isn't even a discussion! So get out whatever it is that you need to get out because you're not coming!" It was very obvious from the look in Evelyn's eyes  there was nothing Kat could say that would change her mother's decision.

Kat's eyes widened aghast, her mouth twisted furiously as she bit back a string of words she'd surely regret.

The End

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