There was something about that man which reminded him of himself. Was it the eyes? his gestures? his scent? or the confidence with which he carried himself? Stratagus couldn't place it. Stratagus didn't like being out of control. The servant entered to announce the next guest.

"That won't be necessary, tell the others they may leave." Stratagus reported. The servant nodded before bowing himself from the room.

Stratagus nudged Roshell gently.

"Can I keep him?" She muttered softly into Stratagus' shoulder, repositioning herself against him.

"Roshell wake up!" Stratagus nudged her a little harder this time waking her. Roshell blinked at him  sleepily, her brow furrowed questioningly.

"You're supposed to be listening for lies not drooling on my jacket." Stratagus scolded.

Roshell grumbled a complaint under her breath. She reached across Stratagus and gently removed the wine goblet from his hand. She drank the last of his wine as she stood up. She stretched her arms gracefully resembling a swan spreading  her wings.

"The only lies so far were all those words of praise but you didn't have to read their thoughts to figure that out." She tossed the goblet over her shoulder as she covered a yawn with the back of her hand.

"Not very helpful." Stratagus said.

"I was dreaming." Roshell said ignoring him. She rested her chin on the top of his head, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders. "It was interesting. This man was hurting you, and tricking you, by the end he'd completely destroyed you...but we kissed first."

"Roshell what are you talking about? Did you hear the thoughts of the man who was just in here?" Stratagus asked.

"It was nice. I still remember when you used to kiss me and hold me. You haven't done that since Adrian was spotted." She reminisced sadly. "all you talk about is her. Evelyn. I miss when it was just us." She brushed Stratagus' cheek with her finger.

"Will you tell me what the man was thinking?" Stratagus asked, catching Roshell's hand and kissing the back of it.

Roshell brought her head down next to Stratagus, she turned her head until her nose brushed his cheek.

"Will you ever stop thinking about Evelyn?" She hissed withdrawing her hand from his.

"It's not your place to question me." Stratagus reminded warningly, turning to face her.

Roshell smiled mischievously.

"Nor you of me." She replied flicking the tip of his nose with her finger as she straightened up. "Enjoy your cage love. Adrian Parker is not the only who can't escape."  She spoke over her shoulder as she  traipsed away.

The End

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