The flames moved rapidly across the house eating up everything in its path. The sound of crackling flames and destruction deafened her ears muting the outside world and punctuated by the rapid beats of her panicked heart. She reached the safety of the basement. Her mother stood by the tunnel entrance looking anxious.

"Your father?!" Evelyn demanded.  Kat looked back towards the door. Her thoughts were fuzzy, she wasn’t sure how she came to be but she found herself rushing back up the stairs. The heat had risen exponentially in the hall and flames ate at the walls on either side. Kat rushed down the hall heedless of the fiery tongues that reached out from the walls and licked her skin and clothes. Kat rushed out into the living room.  It was nearly engulfed the in fire, fire was everywhere; on the walls destroying the protaits and paintings that had furnished the living room. It chewed ravenously through the ceiling and the crawled menacingly across the floor towards her father.  He stood there still as a statue in the middle of the living room. Kat rushed to his side her arm wrapped around his, she tugged him back. He resisted.

She caught the look in his eyes.

 Defeat. Resignation. 

Her heart nearly stopped. She saw her own shock reflected in his empty eyes.  

"How many others? How many have they killed in my name? On this search for me."

The flames closed in around them but time seemed to stand still. Kat’s grip on his arm seemed to slip as she tugged at him; her efforts in vain.

"I'm surrounded by hell fire...and I can finally rest."


            Kat rose in anger, wiping the tears and memories from her eyes. Her gaze fell on Toby. He opened his arms inviting her to attack him. Kat shook her head. She couldn't, she wasn't mad at him, she wasn't angry at Stratagus even. She could say she was at discord with fate and all the woes it had caused her but she was angry at her father. He'd given up not only on life but on her.

Kat shook her head.

"I'm listening." She said, drying the last of the tears from her eyes.

The End

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