Paths split

"Oh." General Mitchell gasped the relief evident on his face.

"Well you highness, we've caught him. We've captured Adrian Parker. Just last night. My men are holding him outside the gate house. I told them to wait on your command." He beamed excitedly, awaiting Stratagus' praise.

Stratagus laughed unable to hide his pleasure. Out of habit he looked to Roshell for confirmation.

"Congratulation, brother you're dreams come true." She planted a kiss on his check.

"And Evelyn?" Stratagus asked.

General Mitchell’s smile faded. He glanced at the floor, fiddling with his hat distractedly before answering.

"I'm afraid the wife was nowhere to be found we searched everywhere but she was long gone."

Stratagus nodded coldly. General Mitchell squirmed uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry milord."

"Well you have what you wanted. Adrian is awaiting the fate you chose for him. She probably died in the fire or was picked apart by buzzards, who cares!"

"I care Roshell. I care!" Stratagus shouted, whipping his head around to face Roshell. She flinched, and began to rise from his lap in rage.

"That woman! She left you for him! She left! And Elend left because of her! But I stayed with you because I loved you and this is how you treat me? She hates you brother! she hates you!" Roshell spat furiously, her voice attacking Stratagus' mind with every word she pelted at him. She watched him angrily, breathing heavily.

General Mitchell tried not to watch the silent exchange too closely.

"I never asked you to stay." Stratagus reminded coldly. Roshell clutched her fists closed angrily.

“Then don’t be surprised if I joined them” with that she turned on her heels and strode across the room. As she reached General Mitchell she stopped. She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips. General Mitchell staggered back in surprise. Roshell released him. She looked over her shoulder at Stratagus to enjoy the appalled look on his face. She smiled triumphantly before rushing quickly from the room.

General Mitchell turned to face Stratagus, but he could not meet his eyes. He whipped his lips on the back of his hand. Stratagus rose from his chair his face unreadable.

"Thank you General, for saving the command for me. I appreciate that. Tell your men to bring Adrian down in seven days’ time. I must make an event out of this, full of celebration and drinking. It is after all the end of an era and we wouldn't want that over too quickly. I'd ever much like to savor every painful moment of it."

"Yes. Milord." General Mitchell bowed, glad for the change of subject. "I shall carry that on." He turned to leave.

"Oh and one other thing." Stratagus called after him.

General Mitchell stopped his shoulders shagged in anticipation.

"Yes, sir?"

"Once you’re done with that have your ranking officer behead you." Stratagus said coldly. "No one touches my sister."

General Mitchell nodded slowly.

"Don't think about leaving that part out. Because if I do happen to see you again. I'll kill you myself and you'll wish you'd taken the easy way." Stratagus called after him.





The End

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