Chapter Six

            Skipper and Kat traveled home in silence. Skipper held onto the list of supplies Emmlia had given them. Occasionally he glanced over at Kat who walked beside him looking thoughtfully ahead thinking over the possibilities, weighing the danger. She tried not to dwell on the plan it involved too much risk and there were so many places for it to go wrong and end horribly. But it was the only plan she had it was the only way she could save her father.

            Skipper unlocked his front door and let Kat in. He closed the door behind himself and took up a chair by the empty fireplace. Kat looked around the cluttered room. Toby was nowhere to be found but the map he’d been working on was laid out across the table. Kat leaned against the wall and gazed absently into the empty fireplace her thoughts wondering.

“This could work. I don’t know what to…I hope…if I…” She muttered distractedly.

“It could also go horribly wrong. If Elekamar breaks the trap…if it goes wrong you could.”

“I know.” Kat said. “I know.”

Skipper nodded understandingly.

“When Toby gets back we’ll go shopping for supplies I want you to stay here I don’t want to put you in any unnecessary risk.”

Kat sighed heavily.

“I can do that.”  She said anxiously biting her lip. “I can do that.”

“Skipper!” The front door swung open quickly. Toby rushed in carrying a small sack. He closed and locked the door behind him.

“What’s happened?” Skipper gasped.

Toby rushed over to Skippers side.

“It’s Ridnik!”

Kat listened in anxiously. Her nerves standing on edge.

“What happened did he see you?”

“No, I’m fine. He’s missing!” Toby said, struggling to catch his breath. “He went missing yesterday. He was last seen outside the palace.” At this Skipper and Toby both turned to face Kat. She shifted uncomfortably under their gaze.

“Did Ridnik recognize you by any chance when you purchased Theodulus?”

Kat nodded slowly.

“And you didn’t tell me? I took you out today he could’ve seen you! Do you know what this means?” Skipper demanded.

Kat shook her head.

“Stratagus knows you’re here. Kat you can’t leave this house…this changes everything. He’s probably been watching me. He’ll know if we try to build this trap.”

“Well we’ll just have to risk it.” 

“No we can’t, it’s not just yourself you’ve put at risk it’s me, Toby, Emmlia and Gword okay we have to be careful.” 

“What trap? What’s happening?” Toby asked, looking from Skipper to Kat curiously.

“Nothing.” Skipper said. “Get back to work after lunch we need to deliver that by night’s toll. I’ll be in my office Kat trying to find a safe way to do this.” Skipper stood, rubbing his cheeks tiredly with the back of his hand.

“Skipper we don’t have the time for this.” Kat argued crossing over to him as he made his way to his office.

“I’m not only thinking about the safety of Adrian  we did that once and look where it’s gotten us I’m going to make sure that everyone who helps gets out clean.”

Kat opened her mouth to argue but she knew he was right. She nodded silently despite herself. 

“Can I help?” She asked.

Skipper shook his head.

“I can handle this. Trust me.” He said, patting her shoulder kindly.

The End

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