Emmlia's Decision.

Kat was again glad to be off of the bridge. She and Skipper climbed into the cavity.  Inside was a small stack of pillows that looked to be a bed. Emmila flew into the cavity. She took hold of a piece of hive that was a little bigger than the opening. She moved it to block the entrance before lowering herself down onto her pillows. She glared at Skipper.

"What do you have to say for yourself?! Elkamar could've killed her!"

"You would've stopped him." Skipper pointed out.

"No, I would've tried but I can't promise anything, he's out of my control I can't control what he does he is pissed at Adrian and she smells enough like him to excite him."

Kat looked questioningly at Skipper.

"That's what I needed to find out." Skipper said.

"What's going on here? You? what's he talking about?" Emmlia said pointing at Kat. Kat looked to Skipper nervously.

"He's not talking to you, I am answer the question." Emmlia ordered. Skipper nodded.

Kat shrugged.

"I don't know." She said honestly. "He just told me to follow him."

Emmlia turned coldly to Skipper.

"You did this on purpose. Didn't you?"

"I'm clever remember." Skipper said. "Emmlia Adrian's in trouble, we need your help."

"I don't do that." Emmlia said. "You know that."

"Emmlia, this is life and death.”

“Isn't it always and look where it's gotten me...where it's gotten Gword. Is that what you want a repeat?"

"No I want it done better and I know how to end this you just have to tell this one little thing." Skipper said.

"What are you guys talking about?" Kat asked.

Skipper motioned for her to shut up.

Emmlia looked at her coldly.

"Ask your father. We all rose up to help him and he ran off with his love and left the rest of us to live with the consequences."

"You don't have to get involved. Just tell us how to kill the Elkamar. Stratagus will never know you helped us." Skipper continued.

"Stratagus will just hire another bug."

"Don't approve it. Don’t let it go through, you can do that, you do it all the time."

"He'll know what happened. He always knows."

"He can't do anything you."

Emmlia laughed humorlessly.

"Is that such a blessing? Look I'm done I want nothing to do with your affairs."

"Adrian was Gword’s best friend he’d want you to help!"

Emmlia glared at him.

Kat watched the heated exchange wearily. She scooted herself as far away from the debate as was possible in the small room. She tried to think over the loud yelling. Skipper seemed to be driving Emmlia away from wanting to help them by bringing up past grudges.

Kat wished she could say something to defend her father only when she opened her mouth to come to her aid she found how little she actually knew about his past life in Devil’s Helmet. She couldn’t find the words to justify his actions which she knew nothing about.

"Gword risked everything for him and Adrian just kept running he didn't look back." Emmlia spat.

"Gword could've left but he didn't, he stayed because of you. He didn't want to leave you."

"I didn't ask him to stay. I didn't ask him to fall in love with me I didn't ask anything of anyone!" Emmlia shouted, the room shook with the force of her voice and the liquid outside began to thrash angrily against the wall.  

Kat braced herself against the walls of the room. In that moment she understood the bug queen.

“You don’t have to ask but fate will still include you.” Emmlia turned to Kat, anger reflected in her bright eyes, exemplifying very predatory feature of her face. Kat swallowed hard calming her racing nerves.

“Emmlia, my name is Kat and you have every right not to help me. You don’t know me and you obviously don’t like my father.” Kat said, above the chaos outside. "You can’t hide from fate. I…we learned that the hard way. It’ll find you somehow whether it’s in the form of dragons burning down your home or something far more unpleasant. Fate will not leave you alone the only option you have is to strike it down before it can strike you. With or without your help I will strike back but I would greatly appreciate any help you offer."

Emmlia fixed Kat with a searching looking bordering on restful. She sighed. The anger in her eyes gave way to exhaustion, she looked away from Kat. The ground stopped shaking and the liquid outside subsided.

“...If anything happens to Gword. There will be hell to pay. I will do what I should've done years ago. I will end it." Emmlia said, fixing Skipper with a pointed stare.

"Okay." Skipper nodded.

”You're going to need a trap."

The End

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