The difference between saints and killers

“They found us, a couple of weeks ago the dragon core burned down our house.”

“Adrian did they get him?!” He demanded but didn’t even wait for her to finish. “No, no they couldn’t have Stratagus would’ve thrown some fest, would’ve made an example out him…done something. Where are they?”

“In a cave a couple of miles back. We built a tunnel under our house to a nearby cave just in case. We never needed it before.”

“So they’re safe!”


Theodulus watched the exchange curiously easing himself down by the door where he would remain invisible.

“Yes…why did they send you? They spent some long keeping you away from here…hell getting you out of here nearly killed em. Adrian would die before he sent you here!”

“Oh I’m sure he would.” Kat shrugged, her eyes burned from the tears she had fought so long to contain but now as she looked back on to the memory they came rushing to her eyes. She blinked them back. “I ran away.”

Skipper stared at her visibly baffled and lost for words. Kat continued quickly.

“It was the only thing that could be done. Mom couldn’t leave him and dad can’t come here. Trust me when I say things have changed.”

“Changed how? He’s been hiding for twenty year with nothing more than a whisper about him and he suddenly trips up now?” Skipper demanded.

“He didn’t trip he just stopped hiding, we all did. I just…we wanted to be normal. We thought the storm had passed but apparently it had just picked up momentum. We tried to run last moment but when they found us. He…he just.” She voice cracked under the weight of the emotion behind it. She cleared her throat. “He just stopped. He didn’t run. He didn’t want to hide. He didn’t want to…He just stood there.”

Kat sighed miserably.

“It’s eating him from the inside.”

“Kat I’m sorry.” Skipper said softly.

“I don’t need your pity. I came here for your help. The dragon core will find my father I don’t doubt it but they won’t kill him till they’ve brought him here. Only the second he sets foot on this land a Cursed Firefly will eat him alive. I need buy him sometime by getting rid of that damn bug.”

“That’s  suicide mission, you can’t kill  a Cursed Firefly.”

“I don’t have to. I’m going to hire someone who can, a hunter.”

“I’ve seen hunters do a lot of risky things for fat rewards but no hunter in their right mind would kill an assassin hired by Stratagus.”

“Oh come, I can’t be the only one against him. What about rebels, criminals, brutes, someone with nothing to lose and a vengeance for Stratagus.”

“You play a dangerous game, you may not like what you find.”

“I’m not looking for a saint I’m looking for a murderer.”

The End

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