Safety First

             I lock all the doors and windows as fast as possible. I close all the curtains, too. Before I close the last window I see lasers and fire everywhere, I know I have to take cover.  I quickly hide under my bed with my kitten huddled next to me. I hear a small explosion as the sound of flooding water blends with the chaos, I figured out that this was not the best plan.

           I close my eyes so I don't have to see any of the terror. I start to taste an unfavorable substance in the air and my eyes burst open. My last bit of hope has been torn to shreds. Fire engulfed all escape routes. I knew it was over as sweat beaded and dripped down my face. The blaze made its way across the room and my skin began to burn. Then I felt nothing, this was the end. When the fire weaken, nothing was alive, I was dead and so were the town folk. I killed them by breaking the 3rd and most important rule.

          You're at the end of the road, dare to try again?

The End

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