Horror Hallows

      Really, Horror Hallows? I've been through there a few times when I was younger and it was as dark as mignight at midnight, but whatever.

     I grab a backpack from a hunting trip, it has clothes, energy bars, water and a pocket knife.  I throw on a sweatshirt and put Dais in the pocket. I run downstairs and grab my dad's shotgun from the open gun case then I'm out the door.

      The fire was rapidly burning through the forest behind my house as I darted towards Horror Hallows. I grab a compass out of my bag and headed north. It was almost pitch black after five minutes of running, so I slowed down to a walk. I ticked off the minutes in my head.  It takes at least 20 minutes to walk through the Hallows during the day.

      I was, what I thought, halfway through the Hallows making poor time, so I started to jog. Bad idea. I tripped over a tree root and dropped the compass. As I search for the compass, the sky behind me is being lit up by lasers and fire more and more. I don't have much time to stand around.

What should I do, look for the compass or continue without it?

The End

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