Night Time Terror

          It's Belle again. The sun's beginning to fade in the distance and a fall breeze chills my room. I stare out my window staring at the yellow, red, orange, and green leaves that flew through the air like a harmony of musical instruments.

          The sky shade turned steel gray, have you every thought that everything seems creepier at night? What was that? Did something brush against my leg or am I imagining it? No, this is real because I felt it again. Something is scratching on my closet door. It's coming closer, it's coming at me. Where's the flashlight? "Stop," I shouted at the thing. It didn't listen, but I found the flashlight. I shined it on the creature, "Oh," I sighed, "Kitty, you scared me."

    Of course  meow was her only response. I picked up my kitten, Daisy, but I call her Dais. I returned to the window with my kitten cradled in my arms. It was there I saw the flashing lights and heard screams just past the treeline. I knew just then I would have to take action, but what were my chooses.

    I either have to break rule 1 and go through Forest Hallow to reach the mayor's office. My second option would force me to break rule 2 because the ring of the church bell will attract all of the people in the town. Or I could play it safe and ignore rule 3, the most important rule of all. What should I do? I need to thing fast because the chaos is nearing.

The End

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