Look for the Compass

I decide to look for the compass. I crawl around the forest floor on my hands and knees. My left hand touched something smooth, I snatched it up thinking it would be the compass. It wasn't, the object was just a crushed beer can from a weekend part. I was so absorbed in cursing myself for my clumsiness that I didn't even realize it was as bright as noon. I scramble to my feet and ran as fast as I can. I trip over another tree root and twist my ankle. The noise behind me is unbearably loud and causes Dais to jump from my pocket and run away. I drag my useless foot behind me as I try and escape the impending doom. The air becomes toast and fills with the smell of smoke from the trees burning around me. My leg gives out and I decide to say my last goodbyes to this world. I guess the whole town is going to die along with me.

Try again?

The End

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