Mother's sorrow

This had been going on for two weeks now. I came home, brused and battered, recently even bleeding! But I know that it is for the good of my health so I will continue to go with it freely.

The only problem is my mother. She has to clean my wounds, stop the blood from leeking out my body, and bangage my wounds. She starts crying every time she sees me in this state. I don't know why, maybe it's the DEVIL trying to contain her emotions as well as mine. Yeaterda she started ranting about the Church. I told the preists. Then my mother was complaining about how I wasn't infested with the DEVIL, and that the Church was killing me. I thought that the DEVIL had escaped me and was in her, I felt sorry for my mother. She was insane. Probally because of the los of mmy father finally dawning on her. The church told me that.

I wanted to cure my mother. I asked the Chuch to do the same treatment on my mother. They said that it doesn't work on women. That if my mother'd mind gets totally desised they would have to burn her. It was sad but Ii knew it was true. If the Church said it, it was true.

The End

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