How to get rid of the Devil.

Today, Monday I went to the church. The priests took me in understanding what I was going through to some lenths.

"Now, we'll tie you up so that the DEVIL can't grab ahold of you and run away with you. Don't worry, this needs to be done, any feelings you might get will be the DEVIL trying to escape from the beating." The priest told me.

I was taken to the cellar under the church. The preists lead me into one of the medium sized rooms and tied ropes around my wrists, the ropes, I noticed were atached to the ceiling. One of the priests tightened the ropes so they were pulling  my arms upwards. From a corner one of them picked a cane from a chest that sat in the coner he went to.

"We'll give you a break twenty minutes through, your young, fragil body can't cope with long hard beatings." The priest holding the cane said.

To get the DEVIL out is hard and painfull. I was nearly in tears because of the pain. But I stoped them because I knew that was the Devil forcing me to think tha way, I countered the DEVIL by thinking of GOD.

After twenty minutes I felt exausted! My back hurt like never before had been described before or experinced by me. It was truly a sign of GOD! Only GOD premotes that type of suffering, and one is proud to feel HIS wrath, I now I'm truly proud that the DEVIL desised my mind.

The End

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