Thou shall not steal

My father was a smith. He died only two years ago, I was six then. He triped over his tools and landed in the fire, he was burned to death. I don't feel sad that he passed away... he's in HEAVEN with GOD.

My mother's a housewife. Since she doesn't get payed, we're running out of money. My father left us enough for a few years with only the bear esentials to survie. I look after my mother like the preists teach us, in place of my dad. I visit my dad every sunday after the two hours of church, at the grave yard.

Yesterday I got sooo hungary that I stole from the bakers! The church caught me. They said that the DEVIL made me do it. It's the only possibal reason, I belive them. I asked them how to get rid of the DEVIL. They said that I must have the DEVIL beaten out of me. One hour, foyr days a week, for a month, or untill GOD says I'm free. If this will ge the DEVIL out of me forever then I'm willing to do anything to please GOD. I would have someone burn me on a stake if GOD felt bored with killing people. I want to go to HEAVEN and see my father again, as well as meet GOD once and for all!

The End

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