Devil's child

The place where I had grown up, my childhood home was just a small village. But it was ruled by the church. The church owned everything within this town. Everyone who owned a peice of land had to pay rent, whever it was a field to grow your crops on, or the tavern just up the street, you had to pay tax- no excuses!

We all had to go to church every sunday, and every school wednesday we payed a trip so that GOD can stop our young spirits from straying off HIS path of greatnes. We were HIS creation, we had to pay homage to our FATHER. Every year, on Easter day we sacraficed one of the children in favor of GOD and all his marvels, and to remember the sacrafice of JESUS, the son of GOD.

I worshiped the church. Along with every other person in the village. It was all we knew. If there was a war going on in this country, which I have no idea which one it is, the church don't teach us much except about  GOD and the HOLY SPRIT.

The End

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