Devil's Advocate: Chapter 1


Nicole! Nicole!  I ran as fast as I could away from the voice. Nicole! "I don't see why they pretend. They don't like me. No one does. I'm all alone. I'm not gonna stop until I get to the lake." Nicole! The voice is getting more distant.

    "Almost there." I keep telling myself. "Almost to the lake."

    Finally, I reached the lake. The reflection of the Moon in the water has always made me feel better and now was no different. I sat down along the edge, let my feet dangle over the edge and began to cry. Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the brush behind me. "Who's there?" I managed to ask between sobs.

    "Tis I, dear child." A dark figure illuminated out of the darkness.

     "Who are you?"

     "I'm Alex. Humble servant of the Darkness and Devil by birth and stance."

     "Have you come to make fun of me too?"

    "Oh no, no, my dear child. I've come to end your pain and tears."


     " I have a deal. In exchange for your soul, I'll grant you one wish. Anything you want."



     "Okay, I wish you'll stay with me until the day I die and will always be there in exchange for my soul when I die."

     "Smart girl. Very well then, my child. I shall always be with you until the day you die; then I'll take your soul. Deal?"

     "Deal." The next thing I remember is a bright red light, then a sudden numbness in my left eye. I opened my eyes and saw that in the place of the man stood a large black dog. He seemed to be sitting there waiting for me. Somehow, I knew the dog was Alex. He walked in front of me as if to lead me back through the woods.

The End

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