Devilish LoveMature

Delaney shuffled down the street quickly. It was about to rain and she wanted to get to the car quickly, although she probably wouldn't in time. Her long, black hair hung in ringlets around her head and the first drop fell on her pale, freezing, slender hand. She wore a long, wooly, red jacket and knee high, black leather boots.

Delaney hated the world. Especially on days like this. This wasn't how the world should be. When Delaney was a girl, everything had been bright yellow. Happy. Now all she saw was red and black. Her colours. Red, like her lips. And black as her hair. Her eyes were a playful blue.

Finally she reached her pale blue Ford Fiesta, climbed in and started it up. But she didn't race off immediately; she sat there, contemplating. Delaney had just left her office in a designer magazine company - Hope. That was very ironic - the complete opposite of Delaney. She was the most pessimistic girl ever to walk on earth. There wasn't much to think about, she just didn't want to go home yet.

With a sigh, she pushed her foot down and slowly drove out of the car park. Only when she was cruising down the A34 did she realize her life-long ambition. It struck her like a bullet. Delaney hated God. Everything about him. She wanted to prove him wrong. She would find the Garden of Eden and eat from the tree of eternal life! She would have eternity to destroy him and rid the world of his reign. Now there was an idea.

The End

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