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You, like me, will not believe the story I am about to tell.
How do I know this?
Because I didn't believe it either. But you will.
You will believe in angels and daemons and all the other things that go bump in the dark. You will learn that the horrors from humanities nightmares are all real and you, like me, will wonder how you ever slept so well at night.

Imagine three dimensions. 

One above, one below, and one stuck forever between the two. 

All paper thin and forever changing and warping. Let me simplify it for you, seen as you don't know the things I do yet. 

Think back to Sunday school, when the teachers would tell you about where all the good people go when they die and the fiery nightmare where all the bad people go. What we humans naively call Heaven is Over World, the dimension above ours. Over World is the abode of Angels.

Yes, Angels. I know you don't believe me already. And I know you will believe me even less when I tell you that Under World, Hell, is infested by Daemons. 

You couldn't imagine it if you tried, neither could I. I've fought daemons, banished them forever into oblivion, bound them to my will and even helped make their God-King kneel. But even I, after all that I have seen and done, couldn't imagine what Under World looks like.

The one person I know who has been and returned from there never tells me about it no matter how many times I ask. But I hear him, shouting in his sleep, nightmares plague him about devils and fire. And if Under World gives him nightmares...

So yes. There is a heaven and there is a hell. The Angels swan above us all, ignoring humans almost entirely, to them we are nothing. Bi-products spawned between their war with the Daemons.

Five years ago, the fourth Dimension, one we called Limbo, crashed into the human plain. It was always possible for the Angels and Daemons to enter the human realm, but it is far easier for the Under World scum. And after thousands of years of corruption, they created Limbo, a mirror image of our world where they ruled.

Through Limbo the Daemons controlled us all, making us complacent with potions hidden in energy drinks, controlling our thoughts via news networks and advertising agencies. 

Four three thousand years the entire human population was being controlled by Daemons and we had no idea, we had no idea that our lives were not our own, that we were slaves to them.

Until we came along.

Together me and my Friend brought down the Daemon King who controlled Limbo, Mundus. When he died, and the Hell Gate that fed his power was closed, Limbo and the Human World conjoined.

Suddenly Daemons were everywhere. Millions died in the beginning. But soon the Humans found their weapons. In civilised times magic had been useless, but suddenly spells and incantations replaced bullets, holy water and silver arrows replaced nukes and missiles. And my own powers were unleashed.

Now you know. How our world came into being. Why Daemons are now an ever present threat to the new civilisations humanity built in the wreckage of their old world.

But my stories start five years after this event. When I am a powerful witch and me and my friend make it our living slaying the Daemon scum that try and invade our world. 

I want to tell you about how we crumbled a dynasty. How Angels pleaded for our help. How I made a God kneel before my Friend. 

I want to tell you about our fight, about our realms champion. 

I want to tell you about Dante. 

The End

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