Devastation: Prologue

Some people say that things happen for the greater good. I refuse to believe it anymore. People say I turned crazy. Maybe so, but there's nothing more anyone can do about it. I was happy once... seems like so long ago. I swear, everything I did was worthy of having fistfuls of rose petals thrown at me whenever I breathed. I wish I could go back o the way it all was. I wish life was like a video camera, where you can remember all of your favorite memories and delete the ones... you don't want to remember. Why did all this have to happen? What had I done to deserve this? There has been so many times that I think back. I wonder if I could have done something to prevent this. There must have been some way... but there's nothing more anyone can do now. I was too blind to see. I feel lost. Thoughts keep going through my head, clawing, scratching, gnawing at my brain trying to get out. But they won't. And never will. Call me crazy. But, before you put that outfit with extra longsleeves on me, chain me to a rolling bed and lock me up in a bleach-white room with barely a thing inside, I will tell you my story. Maybe you'll see my side and understand how I feel. Maybe you won't. This is your decision, and your decision alone.


The End

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