surprise event

It was now five days after the Great Fire. I awoke feeling better than I had for a while in the old Jew's house. I remember thinking how like Christians they were - loving their neighbour as themselves... and I'll wager there are a fair few Christians could learn from these folk!

Simon came in to see me. I managed a smile. I thanked the boy for saving my life. He looked at me seriously, as was his wont, and said it was a nice thing. I responded that it was no mere nice thing to rescue a person!

I must confess to being a little afeared these folk would try to make me believe in their heathen ways but they never did.

When Simon had left the little chamber to talk with the old Jew I heard a pounding on the door and must confess to being afeared of it. A mighty rage could be heard from the other side of it and the men gathered there. They said to have the Jew out for having caused the Fire. He said he would not open, and they said he must.

After half an hour they left but I heard them say as how they meant to return. I asked the old Jew if he knew the person who had caused the Fire. I thought he might if it be one of his own. He smiled and said that I was quite right - the Jews had caused it. He then stopped a moment and added, "And the printers, of course."

I knew not if he jested or what he meant by it.

"Why the printers?" I asked.

"Why the Jews?" he replied.

I knew not the meaning of it but stayed in bed. I must admit to being sore relieved when it was discovered that a follower of Rome had caused our downfall, and a Frenchman too. I was getting a liking for these Jews and wanted them to come to no harm. The Frenchman will hang of course. I should like to be there, the misery he has caused our town.

The End

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