Was it nice seeing Charlie today?

We were lying on our sides, facing each other. Christopher was talking in thought-speech, having teasingly told me that otherwise, I’d be unconscious for so much of tonight that it would hardly be worth him being here.

“Yes,” I replied. “Though it would’ve been nice to see you first.

I disagree. I doubt you’d have been as excited as you were just now, and it was quite flattering when you fainted. They do say you should leave the best things until last.

“I suppose,” I mused.

‘That’s not good enough. I want your full agreement,’ he teased.

“Tough,” I teased back.

‘You’ve asked for it now.’ Something wild glinted in his eyes. With surprising speed, he grabbed my wrists and held them tightly so I couldn’t respond when he started playfully kissing my neck, my cheek, and nuzzling his face against mine. I wanted to stroke his face, embrace him as he did this, but his grip was very strong.

I shivered as he stared deeper into my eyes, for the normally calming blue eyes now had darker depths to them. I realised I was frozen, transfixed by his chilling gaze. His dark passion seemed to envelop me.

‘Are you scared?’ he suddenly asked. He sounded scared.

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered.

He rolled onto his back, breaking the tension. ‘Oh, oh dear.’ His voice was small and frightened.

I think I nearly drained you...

“D-d-drained me? As in, of my blood?”

He nodded.

“Would I have died?” I whispered.

He shook his head. ‘You’d have lost your free will and your ability to feel.’


He nodded. ‘You’d be empty of emotions, and you’d be completely under my control. Literally, your only purpose in life would be to obey me.’

Christopher’s voice was a whisper now. ‘I saw it once, when I was younger. A power-hungry vampire and his assistant - a human with dead eyes that had seen too many horrors. It was terrifying.’

“But, you looked ... passionate...”

‘Passionate?’ He cringed. ‘I don’t know why. Animal instincts suddenly kicked in. You looked to me like a chicken looks to a fox - like prey.’

“Stop!” I suddenly cried. I couldn’t take any more of this. I rolled to face away from his haunted features.

“I thought you said you only needed a quarter of a person’s blood,” I said, through the tears that were starting to roll down my cheeks. “You said it was too sweet to drain.”

‘My dove...,’ he started.

“Please don’t!” I interrupted. “When you’ve told me everything, we might be able to pick up the pieces and forget this, but don’t spoil how enchanting you are by calling me your dove when I’m scared.”

‘Of course. Sorry.’ He paused. ‘Vampires have no need to drain, but sometimes, their animalistic side kicks in. Lack of thirst and the sickly sweet nature of blood are disregarded. All that the animal within can think is ‘Blood is food’, ‘food is enhancement’, ‘enhancement is power’. Those phrases spin round and round in your head until you’re in a frenzy.’ Christopher suddenly broke down. ‘I’m sorry, Terri. I didn’t know that the power-hungry vampire was telling the truth. I didn’t know it would happen to me! I’d have never risked your life if I’d known.’ He pulled me onto my side and knelt up. He stared fiercely into my eyes. ‘I love you, Terri! You must understand that.’ ‘And now,’ he thought to me, standing up, ‘I really think I should leave.’

“No!” I cried, surprising myself.

I was scared and upset. I realised, however, that my outburst reflected how I felt deep down - I was still in love with him.

Oh yeah. I should probably hypnotise you to forget me. You’d be so much better off.

The next few moments were like a repeat of the night Christopher had declared his love for me. I felt as if I were in a dream, reliving that memory whilst also responding to these events. Christopher sat down, pulled me up into a sitting position and stared intently into my eyes.

I did the first thing I thought of. I leant in and kissed him, full on the lips. I closed my eyes.

But he was gently pushing me away. Things weren’t going as they should have been. ‘Open your eyes,’ he thought.

‘NO,’ I shouted in my head

Damn it Terri, this is what’s best for you!

‘No, it’s not,’ I cried.

Terri, do as I say.

Christopher, I love you!

Terri, open your eyes!

‘No!’ The tears were flowing relentlessly now.

Christopher took a deep breath. No, I thought. He wouldn’t. Desperately I mentally shouted ‘I LOVE YOU!’

I was too late. He’d decided. “Terri Reynolds, open your eyes and allow me to hypnotise you.”

Helplessly, I opened my eyes without having allowed the action. More tears poured down as the blue depths enfolded me, blazing with such ferocious intensity that my mind instantaneously blanked.

The blackness rushed up to meet me. I met it.


I woke up on my bed, heavily disorientated. Had I been asleep? I wondered. My mind felt heavily fogged up, as if I’d had too much sleep.

What’s my name? I asked myself. Tanya? No, that’s not it, but I’m sure it begins with a ‘T’... Theresa? That sounds almost right but not quite there. Terri? Terri! That’s right!

I felt ridiculously overjoyed at having remembered something as simple as my own name. My thoughts were still very clouded, though. I decided to go back to sleep.

If that’s what you were doing, said a voice in my mind.

Don’t be stupid, I chided myself. What else?


I woke up with a start. I’d had the strangest dream. A black cat was howling in pain while a white cat had walked away, off into the moonlight. The images in my mind blocked out everything else for a while. It was strange now one came to think of it - I’d felt like I was the black cat. The white cat had had a name, I seemed to remember. A name that was music to my ears, appropriate for his beautiful white fur (which had seemed to shine with a golden glow) and his amazingly deep blue eyes, filled with sadness but immensely captivating. The white cat’s name had been... Christopher.

Christopher! I sat bolt upright and frantically searched for Christopher. He was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, I was extremely confused. Hadn’t he hypnotised me to forget him? Obviously not. I wouldn’t be asking myself this if he had. What had he ‘suggested’ then? Did he still love me?

Only one person was able to answer my questions. I decided that this called for a trip to the house on the hill.

The End

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