The catacombs beneath House Rose's mansion were dark and eerie to those unfamiliar, but to Shinatos, they were more comfortable than the most expensive bed. Perhaps his... hobby... had become too much, but Shinatos didn't care. If he succeeded, there would be no more need to fear his people being targeted in this war! Or any other war, for that matter! 

Several minutes passed before the High Lord made it to a chamber with candles lit and large black bags scattered across the floor. He passed a desk he had set up down there and let his hand pass over his white mask. Memories flashed in his mind briefly before being dispelled and forgotten. 

"General Rauk, let us see if your bones will work."

Shinatos grabbed a large bag from one of the open caskets and proceeded to lay the bloodied bones onto the floor. As he did, chanting started to play from his mouth. "Enphearos ke hedo shi. Enphearos ke hedo shi. Enphearos, ke hedo shi..." On and on, Shinatos continued, placing the bones down as if forming the man they had been taken from.

His Residue started to react and resonate with the General's bones. Perfect. So far, anyway. Shinatos continued his chant, seating himself at the base of the skeleton he had assembled, and started to push his Residue farther, increasing the resonance between himself and the bones.

It took more than five minutes - Shinatos always counted with his watch - before the skeleton reacted, pulling itself together. It was a slow process, starting with the seperate bones attaching to each other. Eventually, however, the bones stood up, as if alive.


"Do you know who you are?" Shinatos asked the amalgamation of bone and chunks of flesh before him. 

The figure said nothing. It gave no sign of any reaction or of even hearing him. Curses! Shinatos stood and marched over to his desk, pulling the Necromus from under a pile of notes and began to go over the ritual. It should have worked! The General should have been able to call his flesh back to him and become living once more! Damnation!

"Useless!" Shinatos growled, pulling his sword and smashing the former general back into disconnected bones. "Why doesn't it work!? I did the stupid ritual! I used old bones, new bones... Hell, I even used bones I took myself!"

No... Shinatos let his Residue calm down, stopping the resonance from bringing the skeleton back to its feet, and took a few deep breathes. He still had time and resources. And, there was still that last ritual. 'Ephearos ja Kirishi' It was old tongue for summoning the mediator of death himself. But, that could prove dangerous. 

Later. No need to be impatient.

With his experiment ending in failure, Shinatos decided it was time for bed. He gathered the bones and placed them back in the bag, then put them back in the casket with the other bags. He blew out the candles and walked back up the stairs. He needed to think before he tried this again. 

Spirit Residue was needed for all the rituals, which was expected, but Shinatos was unsure what purpose it played. Residue resided in all people and allowed them to resonate with each other, strengthening one another. Binding Resonances bound two people together and gave them health. Nothing explained the Residue, but everyone accepted it. It was natural.

But how did it revive the dead? Resonance didn't heal, not outright, but it assisted ones body somehow... It was why Gregory couldn't just heal Claudia, only assist the process her body had begun. 

It made no sense... But the book was supposed to be reliable. Shinatos trusted his man in the underground market. It was a copy of a book written by none other than Remulas Cronuf, the fabled necromancer who had apparently terrorized House Trine generations back. It had to work. Shinatos had invested too much for it not to.

He opened the trap door and closed it behind him, covering it with a rug once more. The hallways, like he had ordered, were devoid of life. No resonances and no lights..

"Guess I should sleep."

"Or explain your actions." 

Shinatos turned to see Kurjus, General of House Rose and trusted adviser to the House leaders, standing in an open doorway. He looked ready to kill and his sword was drawn... Damnation.

The End

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