Detective Jones

I knew that silhouette behind the beveled glass, a dame like no other. My traitorous heart leaped against my sternum. She pushed her way into my office, the scent of sweet nectar nearly knocking me out of my chair. Of all the offices of all the PIs in this godforsaken city, she had to walk into mine.

“Ah, Miss Jesi, you grace my door yet again.” My eyes drank in her long legs from her red stiletto heels to her short red skirt that hugged her hips and cascaded to her small waist. From there her figured blossomed, filling out her mini dress, and I felt my jaw go slack as I forced my eyes to meet hers. I stopped at her lips and watched them speak.

“Why Detective Young, you thought you could be rid of me?” She crossed slowly to me, smiling and unfurling her feather boa from her shoulders. The siren had me mesmerized in her song.

She placed a luxurious leg on my desk, sitting sidesaddle upon it’s metal top, and leaning over she grabbed my collar and pulled me in for a kiss. Either she was strong or I was weak, because when my lips touched hers, I forgot all the trash in all the dark alleys in this catacomb of a wasteland.

I missed her. I hadn't realized how much until this moment; this kiss that I wanted to last forever.

Suddenly, the wall was blown open and an incrdible vacuum pulled her from my arms. The city was taking her, and leaving me behind. “No!” I watched her fade, laughing at me as if this were all a game.

I awoke, to see her smiling down on me. “I’m here.”

"Oh, it was all just a dream," I panted out with relief.

"It was. You were moaning and tossing. I thought the devil had come for you."

"No, my lady, you are the she-devil herself and you have me." I took her in my arms, pulling her atop me and kissed her passionately.

The End

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