Detective Johnathan Rights, Private Eye

Johnathan Rights, a private detective is often hired by the police to aid in hard cases. He is also hired by private clients with certain problems, often times deemed to 'special' for police assistance. All of a sudden a strange man appears at certain points and helps the Detective, showing him or telling him something. After a few cases, John decides to find out who this man is.

The man walked down the dark, dank street, pausing under a street light and checking a small slip of paper in his hand. On it was scribbled the address of a certain building. He looked up, scrutinizing the buildings, looking for their numbers. He casts a quick glance between a building and the paper, then slides it back into the pocket of his overcoat. He hurries over to the building, and pauses at the door. It read: "Detective Johnathan Rights, Private Eye".  The man pushes the buzzer.

Johnathan Rights was asleep when the buzzer went off, and the sudden jolt he produced caused him to fly upon the floor, making a big thump as he landed. He jumped up and activated the intercom by his bed.

"Hold on, I've unlocked the door, just seat yourself in the lobby and I will see to you immediately." he said, sounding a little exasperated. He walked over to the closet and pulled out some jeans and a polo. He sighed as he began changing, thinking: Why do I have to be bothered so late? He looked at the clock and saw it was 3:10 A.M. Or so early! I guess crime never rests though. He went into his bathroom and splashed water on his face and straightened his hair. For a split second he saw someone behind him.

He jumped around swinging his fist right where the person's head would be, except no one was there. He looked back at the mirror, but saw only himself. He was 26, considered himself young, with a boyish face that short brown hair and hazel eyes reinforced. He stood about 6"0 tall, and was considered in shape, if not buff. He shook his head. Next I'll be talking to things. I can see why I need my sleep now!

He walked out into the lobby, motioning at the man who was sitting in one of the high-back wooden chairs that was available for seating. The man had been flipping through the various outdated magazines John got from the library for his lobby.

John walked into his office, which was little more than a glorified closet. He slid behind his desk, sitting in his plush comfortable office chair, most likely the most expensive thing in his office besides his computer. He scanned the man quickly making a mental note of his appearance. The man was short, at least to John,  no more than 5"10'. He was old, John was guessing around his 60s or late 50s. He was balding, with only a little stringy gray hair left on his head, hopelessly trying to cover the shining dome in a comb-over that was falling apart. He introduced himself as Mr. Phillip Armty, but John could call him Phil.

"Hello Mr. Armty, how my I serve you this fine morning? Coffee? I have some brewing upstairs." John said, gesturing toward the stairs in the back of the lobby with a piece of paper stapled to the wall that said 'Employees only past this point". Mr. Armty seemed to stop and think, almost seemed to say yes, then thought the better of it.

"Oh, no, coffee, as much as I love it, isn't good on my systems anymore. I've already had the two cups I'm supposed to, because of the stress of a recent event in my life. Of course that is why I am here at this ungodly hour." he replied.

"I figured as much, Mr. Armty. So something happened. Something big, as far as I can guess from the hour, your appearance, and the statement you just made. No offense, of course. I am legally obliged to ask you, however, if this 'situation' is criminal in nature, in which case I must point you to the police. If not, then I am at your disposal." John said, sitting back in his chair and putting his feet up on his desk.

"Oh, I assure you, this is legal, at least for now. That is why I need you. You need to determine for me whether my situation is safe or not, and whether I should contact the police or not. I would really appreciate it."

"Well, OK. I will help you, until it crosses the criminal line, and I'll decide when that is. When that line is reached, I'll point you to the local authorities. I'm sure they'd be able to help more at that point then I would. So what is your 'situation'? What is so stressful that you are up at 3:00 AM and have already drunk two coffees even though it's not good for your health?"

"Well, it goes like this...."


The End

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