The Day Of Return

The wind shook the creaky old shack a lot. Celia looked out at her window at the woods and valley. She opened the window and she was cold immedietly. Her light brown hair blew in the wind. She might have been cold but she was not about to close the window, not yet. She lit the candle on the windowsil, and it flickered a lot in the wind. She blinked slowly, taking in every sight. Her black and white gingham nightie ruffled a bit, and the white ribbons in her hair were untying. It had been a long time, too long. Everything seemed so different.. the trees in the woods were taller, the lake beyond seemed tiny, the mountains and hills seemed so alive, no longer solemn. Celia could also see the village, that seemed the most different. The only thing she reconigesed was her room, the shack, and the humming of the wind and rain. Her blue-ish greyish eyes stared, barely blinking. It had been 200 years since the day of the blood. That would make her 216, yet she still had the body of a 14 year old. Her long sleep was over, it was time to find Lumina. The pheonixs, vampires, dragons and others would finaly meet again. Her pheonix senses told her the space between her and Lumina the vampire was not that far. Only across a few mountains. She changed into a very pretty frock. It was decorated with white, blue, brown and red feathers. She also put on white tights, and her shoes. Stretching, she put on her headband which had a white feather on top and attacthed her ribbons to it. She ran down the stairs and straight out of the door. Her Pheonix charm necklace glowed brightly. After what seemed an age, she chanted: “Water Is Beauty, Earth Is Power, Air Is Courage, And Fire Is Wit. All Those Fierce Give Thine Power To I, And Let My Golden Feathers Fly.” Her body glowed all over, and in seconds she had morthed into a bird the size of a house. It had golden feathers, a long tail, a sharp beak, and beautiful green eyes. The bird seemed unruffled by the storm. Suddenly a voice rung in the birds head. “Eufora, you are back..” The voice was old and stern, one of great power. It was the voice of the mighty lord of Pheonixs Gatan. “I Am, And I Shall Find The Vampire Maynia Immedietly.” Celias voice had changed from a typical 14 year olds to a beautiful godessess voice. “Do not forgot Eaufora, when human you refer to yourself as Celia” Gatan Bellowed. “I Am Not Keen, But I Shall Remember. No need to bellow so.” She replied. Gatans voice faded from her head as she took the skies. She went just below the cloudline, and her brilliant eyesight allowed her to see all. A great joy of de’ja’vou came over Eufora as she turned and swept. Her wings batted hard against the wind, and sparkles came from behind her. In just a few minitues, she was across the 6 mountains and landing outside a shack resembling her own. The storm was worse here, she would have to remember to fly carefully. She morphed back into a human. She knocked the door. Almost at once a noise came as a girl hurried to the window, not the door. “Lumina Is That You?” Celia asked. “Yes!” Lumina opened the window wide. She was smiling, her two fangs sticking out of her top lip. She was 216 aswell, but 14 in looks. Her hair was jet black and shoulder length, a good match for her stunning red eyes. She was wearing a black cape and a long red dress, with a red headband with black ribbons at the sides. “Its been 200 years! Can you belive it?!” Her smile had turned to a grin. “200 years…it seems like yesterday the day of the blood was overcoming the world!” Celia replied. Lumina nodded. “Come in! I know the water charm protects you from rain, but I shall like to talk to you in the kitchen! The door is not locked, sit at the table I shall be right down!” Celia smiled, nodded, and opened the door. She wasn’t surprised to see that the kitchen was in a wreck. The air was stale, the floorboards were creaky and there was dust everywhere. She grasped her air charm and chanted “The wind will blow, so the dust shall go.” The room was suddenly very windy, and all the dust was flying out of the door that Celia was holding open. She shut it when the room was dust free. Lumina bounded down the stairs. “Mercy! Your such a quick cleaner! How I long to have that charm!” The two sat down, and Lumina cast a spell and a royal feast appeared on the table. Lumina chuckled. “This’ll make up for the 200 years!” Celia smiled, for she did not know how to laugh exactly. “It shall. After this shall we begin our search for Akita and Garvel?” Lumina seemed to sigh. “Fine. Not like we’ll need rest anyway eh?” Celia nodded, and in a few seconds the last of the meal was gobbled down. They were out the door in seconds aswell. Lumina began hovering. “Hurry Up!” Celia glanced at her and did the chant, it took a minute for the transformation to finish. They took to the air instantly. “Who’s Up First?” Maynia asked, although her great sense of smell meant she could probaly already know. “Garvels Further away…so Akita is our next hope.” Eufora replied. Maynia nodded and did a midair turn. “Wheeeee!” She whooped. Eufora stared and smiled. “I keep forgetting! When we’re mythical beasts, we have different names! Akitas Hauna Right? And Garvel is…um.” Maynia smiled and added “Garvel is Levrag. Its her name backwards, remember?” Eufora seemed shocked. “How could I forget!”

The End

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