Life isn't all happiness and fairytales as you fall in love.

Life isn't all happiness and fairytales after you fall in love. This love is all powerful, this love is all consuming, this love is tearing me apart from the inside.How we got together isn't important. That part is boring, mundane. What is important is how we're falling apart now. And there's nothing we can do to stop it.

He used to call me beautiful. I was his reason for living. Now he only says those things when he wants to fuck. The rest of the time he can barely look in me in the eye. It's fine though, the sight of him reminds me of what I did. So I stopped looking back.

I fell in love with him, and then I ran. Ran straight into the arms of a girl, just because I could. I didn't want to be in love. I didn't want any of this. I don't want the power this love had over him, or the power he had over me. We could destroy each other, and it was the fear of this that made me bring about our destruction.

The End

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