The Cliques & Where I Fit In

"When, where…what are you doing here?" I blurted out, not really making sense.

"Since when is coming to school exactly against the law?" He asked me.

"I'm just surprised seeing you here. It's not everyday the guy you met at the supermarket becomes your lab partner."

"Hey, as much of a surprise it is for you, it is for me too."

Sighing, I said, "So what do we have to do?"

Good thing that Roy and I were both a biology whiz because we got our work finished a good 20 minutes before class finished. At least this was one subject's grades I wouldn't have to worry about.

"So how was it like in Florida?"

I blinked at him a couple of times. "Florida?"

"Yeah Florida. You kept saying that that's your real home since you were a kid and all. So how's it like there? How was your old school like?"

"My old school…it was fun. I had a lot of friends and well, Elizabeth was there."

"Who's Elizabeth?"

"She's my best friend. When I told her that I was moving, man, the look on her face. We're staying in touch with each other using email but it's still not the same if you know what I mean."

We were both quiet for some time and didn't talk to each other. I doodled in my notebook and played around with other things while waiting for the time to pass by. The minute the bell rang, I got up and headed for my next class, saying goodbye to Roy. The rest of the day was spent up working on assignments, and getting used to everything. I made a lot of friends who seemed to like me for my jumpy and amusing personality.

I became friends with the jocks, the geeks, the gossip girls, nearly all the cliques. But when lunch came, I had to decide with which clique I had to sit. I was not a gossip girl, and the jocks well…even though I liked sports, I didn't fit in there. So the moment I entered the cafeteria, I looked around for a place to sit. A group of friends were waving their arms at me to join them so I did.

"Yo," I said sitting down next to them

They smiled at me and started eating their lunch. I was sitting with the geek girls of the school. And right now, it seemed like I was their main topic of discussion.

"I mean, seriously, you're just suddenly the it girl of Ashville High," Rosalinda said, playing with her fuzzy red hair.

"The it girl?" I asked, munching into my sandwich.

 "Everyone likes you. The cheerleaders, the jocks, the geeks; like everyone. But you don't fit in anywhere. You're a walking enigma," Clara explained.

"Wow, thanks, I guess."

"The new it girl. I bet the cheerleaders are going to be begging you to join the squad."

"It's not like I'm planning on it. I'm not into waving pom-poms in people's faces. It's just not my thing," I said, shaking my head.

 "Well, now's your chance to say that to the former it girl walking over here."

Clara was right, walking towards us was Lucy Grant. She completely ignored the others as she looked at me, a smile plastered on her face.

"Hey there Celeste. I was wondering, since I'm the cheer leading squad leader, if you'd like to join it."

Before she could say anything further, I interrupted. "Sorry Lucy, it's just not my thing. I'm into sports but not into cheer leading. Sorry."

"Well…why don't you think about it more then tell me your final answer, eh?"

She was never going to give up.

"Okay, I'll think about it."

"Here's the form you have to sign if you want to become one."

After giving me the paper, she grinned widely then walked back to her circle of friends.

"Walking enigma. I was right."

The End

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