Ashville High

“Remember honey, you have to be able to make the first few steps alone to have a new beginning,” Marissa said comfortingly.

 “Marissa, it’s not like I’m afraid of my first day at this Ash Highschool or whatever it’s name is.”

Before she could say anything else from her opened mouth, I rambled on.

And it’s not like I’m afraid of a new beginning. It’s just…I miss Liz.” There, I said it out loud. The truth about why I had been somber for the past few days. Sure, sure, I’m a hyper person and I’m an enthusiast but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. Happy now mom??

“Aww honey. Come on! You’re the positive one of the family! You have to look forward to this. I know this whole moving thing got you depressed but crying over things won’t help. Besides, you’re giving life a chance aren’t you? You might not even regret moving here. Something could happen that would make the whole idea of being here make you happy!”

I looked up at her as I ate my cereal.

“When you go to school, you better turn that frown into a smile. I don’t what people thinking you’re some emo girl that keeps a long face all the time when you’re someone totally different and beautiful. You are one cool belle.”

“Thanks mom,” I said, smiling.

With a wink she said, “Call me Marissa.”


I walked into Ashville High, heading for the school office. Like I thought, it turned out that people did seem to notice the new girl…me. The moment I walked on campus, heads turned to check me out and see what this new girl was all about.

I had dressed up in black skinny jeans, a short black no sleeved cardigan underneath which I wore short sleeved white top. It seemed suitable and appropriate and not that bad. I had my curly brown hair put in a high ponytail with a white cap tilted to the right giving me the “tomboy” look. I’m a girl with a mixed personality and I wanted people to see that through my fashion sense.

I opened the door to the office and walked in. It was a brightly lit room. The light from outside came in from the windows and shone upon the heavy glass paintings set up around the office. Underneath those paintings were couches for people to sit on and on the far end on the right side of the room was a blonde haired woman, typing away at the computer. She looked up at me when I entered and said, “How may I help you?”

“I’m Celeste Dawn Cruz, the new student.”

“Of course!” She said getting up, looking excited. “We were expecting you.” The woman seemed to be in her early 30’s as she shuffled around the room, trying to find whatever she wanted to get me. She was a bit shorter than me and better “rounded” too.

“Here,” she said, handing me a folder, “Inside is the map of the school and you’re schedule. The highlighted things on the map are the classrooms you’ll be going to for your classes. And well, I hope you enjoy it here in Ashville High.”

“Don’t worry, I know I will,” I said with a bright smile.

Let the games of high school drama begin.

The End

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