“Hey. What’s up?” I walked out my room and towards the kitchen counter, to stand next to the tall brown haired woman there. Come to think of it, Marissa looked nothing like me. Actually, I looked nothing like her. Her short straight brown hair was always combed neatly to the side with a few bangs falling in. Her tanned skin made her look a bit Hispanic though we had no one from our family that was Latino. Me, however, I had long curly chocolate brown hair and no matter how hard I tried to comb it neatly, it always managed to get messed up. I had pale white skin that flushed deep red when I felt very emotional about something. Believe me, no one would be able to see that Marissa and I were actually mother and daughter. 

“I need you to go to the supermarket nearby and buy these things,” Marissa said, interrupting me from my deep thinking and handing me a list along with some money.

“No prob.”

“I also put an additional $100 incase you want to buy some school materials,” she added.

“Oh yes, how could I forget?” I muttered, putting in lots of sarcasm into it.

Marissa rolled her eyes and continued making the pancakes as I wandered off into my thoughts.

It’s been 3 days since we came here, to North Carolina, and already Marissa was getting the hang of things. She was starting to act just like how she did when she was back home. Not like I didn’t expect her to. I mean, she’s my mom, she’s Marissa; she’s not the type to change so easily. But she was acting like life hadn’t really changed at all, like things were back to normal. And things were back to normal but having her act normal was just weird. I bet that made no sense at all.

Shaking my head, I came back to reality and looked through the list she gave me. It was all just the ordinary, nothing out of the blue. Shoving it into my pocket, I said, “Ok, I’ll better get going.”

“But you haven’t even had breakfast yet,” she said, looking alarmed.

“Nah, don’t have much of an appetite anyways. See you in a few.”

Then I walked out the apartment and headed out the building. About 3 blocks away, I saw the supermarket standing out. The outside was painted black except for the space around the heavy glass windows which were white. A sign was over it, in fancy block writing, it said, “24-7, where you can shop all day!”

The moment I walked in though, I felt like I had just been buried by a really big ice avalanche. It was so freaking cold! Why did it have to be so heavily air conditioned? At least the food wouldn’t rot, I thought to myself positively but then snorted. Anyone who would want to shop here all day would be some kind of polar bear. Note to self, bring a nice warm jacket the next time I have to come to this freaking ice pole.

“Need any help ma’am?” A cute blond guy, who seemed about my age, approached me.

“No thanks. I think I’ve got this,” I smiled at him. He nodded then went back behind the counter, looking bored.

As I went around, getting the things in the list, I contemplated about the whole “socializing” part of me. A supermarket would be a great place to get started, won’t it? Well, it doesn’t seem like there are much people here at the moment, I thought, looking around. Oh well…let’s just wait for the perfect moment.

Right then, I headed for the vegetable section, pushing along the trolley to get the last things on the list when I saw him. He was browsing through the vegetables too, with his own list in his hand. He was tall, seemed to be around 6 feet and had brown hair that didn’t seem curly or straight, kind of in the middle. He seemed to have a bit of a built up body too. He had earphones on and bobbed his head along with whatever music was playing.

This is your chance to go and make a new friend! Take the shot!

So I walked up to him confidently and said, “Hi. My name’s Celeste.”

He didn’t even look up at me.


He still didn’t notice me. Maybe his iPod was on max volume or something.

“HELLO?” I said loudly and finally his head snapped up and looked at me. He seemed to be out of his trance or whatever he had been thinking about. He took his earphones out and looked at me.


I felt like I was going to do face palm any second. Just then a random quote popped up in my head. Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway. How encouraging, I thought to myself with a grim smile on the inside. Whoever knew what I was getting myself into…

The End

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