Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

 “Liz and I were thirteen when her family kind of broke up. Jon was fifteen. He said that their dad, Adam, had been cheating on their mother. And he said he just ‘knew’. At first none of us believed him, thinking it was all just a false statement especially since he never got along with his father. Their dad was always away from home on business meets; never really around to see Jon or Liz grow up which angered Jon. He never really liked his dad especially because he treated Sarah very badly.

“But Sarah always ended up forgiving him but when Jon said that his dad was cheating on her, she wasn’t sure who to believe. Jon always wanted what was best for the family; even if that meant disowning his dad. But he claimed that his dad was cheating on his mother with some business women who was already married. When mom asked him how he knew this, he kept saying how he heard dad talking to her on the phone in more ways then just appropriate for doing business. He also snooped his dad’s email and said that there were a few where they talked about meeting up, outside of a conference room.

“When their dad said that Jon was lying and left it up to Sarah to decide whether he wanted him to be part of the family or not, she really had a hard time. In the end, his dad left saying ‘he didn’t belong’ and they divorced. Liz blamed Jon. Jon blamed his dad. His dad blamed Sarah and Sarah blamed herself. In the end, Jon ended up going to boarding school since Liz didn’t even want to see him anymore.

“Through it all, my mom was being supportive towards Sarah. And I was forced to stick with Liz. She didn’t even let me talk to Jon or hang out with him anymore. And so, he decided to go to boarding school because of everything that had happened.”

I took a deep breath, looking into Roy’s eyes as he took it all in slowly.

“And yesterday was the first time I saw Jon after five years...”

I waited for Roy’s reaction but his face was calm. For a moment, I thought he was back to his old self of hiding his feelings to me but I guessed he was just processing. I didn’t want to say my conclusion; why I’d reacted so badly to this to him. I wanted Roy to see where I was going with this himself. And he did.

His face, a mask of unseen emotion, whispered, “And you and the others think I’m the son of the woman Liz’s dad had an affair with.”

I nodded, hesitating. Since I couldn’t see past the façade, it was hard for me to know what to do. Instead, Roy launched into his own story.

“Leah and I had gone to Georgia to meet old family friends; these friends turned out to be Liz and her mother. Liz and I both didn’t know why we were there until her mother and Leah broke to us the news of me being Sarah’s godson. Apparently, my mother had decided that my godfather should be Adam for the reason that they were ‘close friends’. And remember the trip where Marissa and Leah had left and gone for two weeks? Well they’d apparently gone to visit my dad to ask if he’d take me in…as a son. But he didn’t want to. And so, Leah wants me to be part of Sarah’s family.”

Now I was the one, taking everything in slowly. What he said fit in perfectly well with the story. And maybe that’s why Liz no longer was angry at Jon. Because now she knew he was right about things.

“Well I’m beat,” Roy said. He pulled me onto the bed next to him after turning off the lights using a switch to side of his bed. His hands went around my waist once we were under the covers. Resting my head on his chest, sleep overtook me at once. I guess though I had more reason to stay awake during the night and think of everything that had happened, my body disagreed with me.

With Roy’s arms around me, I fell asleep at once. Maybe, when I wake up tomorrow morning; things would be back to normal.

The End

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