Out of the Picture

I gawked at the both of them. “Brother?! How is that even possible?”

“Why don’t we talk about that later honey? I bet their all dead tired at the moment. Let’s get them to the hotel.”

I didn’t respond to what Marissa said but instead stared at my boyfriend and best friend with a ridiculous expression on my face. What in the world; was this some kind of joke? Nevertheless, when I felt Roy tug at my hand as he started walking towards the car; I followed him, almost feeling like a robot as the shock had not left me quite yet. Some conversation broke out between all the others when they saw Jon but I wasn’t paying any attention.

We all got into the car after loading the baggage into the trunk. Jon drove the car with Liz sitting in the front beside him in silence. In the middle aisle sat Sarah and Marissa with Roy and I in the way back. He squeezed my hand, looking into my eyes and smiling.

“I can understand why you feel confused Celeste. I know this is a little hard on you, first with Jon coming back into our lives and now learning, that I’m part of your bestfriend’s family. It was also a little hard on me but I’m sure-”

“You can’t be sure of anything Roy,” I interrupted, glaring at him in frustration. “If we’d been sure before, none of this would have surprised us as much as it has now. And since when was itourlives. I didn’t think you’d be a major part of it.”

“Why are you getting all tensed up?” He asked, frowning. “So what if I am Jon and Liz’s brother? How does that affect you? It should actually make you happier since that makes us all family now but you’re making such a big deal of it. And so was Liz when she first figured the truth but she eventually warmed up to me.”

I shook my head at Roy, looking back out the window. “You won’t understand,” I whispered.

“Then let me.”

I closed my eyes, leaning my head against the cool pane of the glass. I felt Roy’s hand slip out of mine and I could practically sense the vibes of disappointment he was sending towards me. Roy didn’t understand because by hearing the way he’d reacted to this, I could see that Sarah and Leah must not have told him the whole truth behind the story of why he must be related to Liz and her family. Maybe they just didn’t want to bombard him with all the news.

Even I’m not sure if what I’m thinking is complete madness but how did it all fit in together? My eyes opened and flickered to Marissa sitting in front of me. I bet she knew the truth, the whole truth. She seemed to be taking things coolly as she laughed and chatted with Sarah happily. It also looked like Jon understood, maybe Liz had told him as the stony glare on her face had disappeared and she was now talking to her older brother the way she did before. Liz had hated Jon after the divorce, blamed him for it even. There was no way she could have easily forgiven him for all the blame she’d put on him.

Why am I the only one who isn’t fitting in to this perfect family picture?

The End

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