A Two In One Meeting

The rest of the evening flew by quickly. Jon and I went out for dinner in a nearby Chinese restaurant. We pretty much joked around and I talked to him about school and about some of my other friends and how I was announced to be the ‘walking enigma’ which Jon found very amusing.

It was about half past eight by the time we came out the restaurant and Jon started to drive us towards the airport. We arrived there a little earlier then thought to, about a half hour early and so we both lounged about the airport, waiting for Roy to arrive. Jon started to become really unsure of being there in the first place, but once Marissa arrived, she was able to shush him down.

“Jon, will you stop worrying? I’m sure Roy will take a liking to you; alright?”

Exactly when she said that for about the fifth time, Roy’s brown hair appeared from the crowd exiting the airport. I waved my hand over at him, grinning and his eyes found me. Leah walked over to us, with her trolley rolling along on the ground. Loaded on it were two rather large V.I.P bags. I immediately hugged Roy and he laughed into my ear.

“Nice seeing you again,” he said, giving me a quick peck on the lips. My smile widened and I took hold of his hand, intertwining my fingers with his.

“How was Georgia?” I asked and his expression changed.

“You won’t believe. I’ll tell you about it later. In fact, they should be coming around now.” He peered back and grinned. “There they are! Liz!” My eyes must have popped out of my sockets when I saw my best friend grinning and walking towards us with her mother, Sarah. She did the same when she saw me and we both screamed; running towards each other.

“Cel!!! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re here!” She yelled, hugging me tight.

I laughed happily and said back, “Of course I’m here you dummy. I promised I’d come for Christmas.”

We grinned at each other but my forehead creased when questions started to form in my mind. I turned to Roy and he looked as confused as me.

“How do you know Liz?” He asked, questions in his eyes.

“She’s my best friend, remember? That’s why we were coming here. What about you; how are you guys related?”

The silence took over for a minute as all of us looked at each other. I stared between the both of them, waiting for the answer while Sarah stood beside my mom who I had a feeling, knew exactly what was going on. Jon watched the scene as if he was an outsider and no one noticed he was there as we were all caught up in the moment. Finally, Elizabeth answered in a quiet voice.

“Roy’s….kind of my, um, brother.”

The End

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