Quick Visit

The next morning, I woke up a little bit earlier than I'd planned to - not like I really had decided when to wake up. My normal wakings are much later than eight in the morning so it was rather a surprise for my mother when I knocked on her hotel room door. "Where are you off to Celeste?”

“Yes mother. To visit the grave of Aunt Magdoodle! Don’t act like your completely oblivious to the fact that I’m going to check on Jon.”

“He doesn’t need checking on; he’s an adult,” she said back.

“Well then I’m just giving him company until Liz and her mom come back.”

My mom just rolled her eyes and shooed me out the room, telling me to remind her later on today to make reservations for Roy and Leah who would be crashing with us at the hotel tonight. I only grudgingly replied with a “Do we have to have separate rooms?” to which my mom gave me a very suspicious look and kicked me out.

This time, instead of taking the cab I decided to use the bus. I’ve always liked buses. They’re so…ethnic in a way. You always hear about new cars being made in new styles and prices. Buses however, do vary in size, shape, color and appearance. But they’re always cheap. So when I boarded the first one I saw while standing on the curb, I rather enjoyed myself on the way to the neighborhood. When I got off at the bus station, I walked towards the house which was only about five minutes away.

When Jon saw me on his doorstep, he didn’t look as surprised as he’d been yesterday. But he was surprised to a certain extent.

“Cel, what are you doing here so early?”

He took hold of my hand and pulled me into the house, a little too hard for my small body as I went crashing against him. I’m still not used to his muscular build.

“Came here to see you of course,” I said, looking up at him. He smiled and let go of his grip on me so that I could step back.

“I only just woke up you know.”

“I came here early so we could hang out a little more before Roy comes,” I said, following him into the kitchen where I saw a bowl with some cereal – typical breakfast.

“Roy, your boyfriend?” He asked, eyebrow raised.

I nodded and sat down next to him.

“So, what have you got in mind then?"

The End

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