Surprise!...Not...One For Me

The flight was two hours long, give or take a few. I was too excited about meeting Liz and imagining all the crazy fun we'd have together to notice the time pass by. The airport was not as busy when we arrived in Florida giving us more time to talk to the airport authorities and get ourselves checked out as fast as possible.

Marissa and I decided to crash in a hotel during our stay. Funny, I thought we'd be staying with Liz but my practical mom decided that it would be of an inconvenience to them and booked two single rooms in the hotel.

Once we arrived at the hotel, I decided to skip a late dinner with Marissa down in the restaurant. I was too worn out from the flight to join her. Besides, I needed to get my share of rest for tommorow's rendezvous with Liz. After all, if I wasn't my usual energetic self, it wouldn't be fun would it?


The sudden hollering of my phone shouting against my ear woke me up with a start. Who in the world would be calling in this time of day? Picking the phone up lazily and turning around so I was no longer sleeping face-down, I mumbled, "Hulo?"

"Wake up honey. Don't you want to go surprise Liz early today?"

"Marissa...what the wrong with you?" I muttered, half my mind still in la la land.

"WAKE UP!" She hollered!

That did it. Snapping the phone shut, I looked at the clock on my bedside table. Eight in the morning...great. A bright and sunny start to the day is all I needed. Slowly dragging myself out of bed, I headed for the shower. Half an hour later, I was downstairs in the lobby, key in hand and waiting for Marissa who appeared a second later. We'd decided to skip breakfast, hoping to have some with Liz's family. So after handing in our keys to the receptionist, we scrambled outside into the blistering city and got in a cab.

I was literally jumping in my seat with excitement. I couldn't wait to see her! And then hanging out with Brent and Cindy later on! Marissa was actually hissing at me to calm down since I was getting strange looks from the driver but I didn't listen to her. It didn't matter anyways.

When the driver pulled to a stop in front of her house, I jumped out the car, almost crashing into a biker who yelled at me to "watch it". Oh well, that's life in Florida. Skipping on the steps to the front door, I rang the bell five times, hopping on one foot to another. Man I was hyped!

The next thing I know, the moment the door opened I threw my arms around the person there, knocking them into an embrace. I breathed in her scent of roses, it must seem strange but that's just me.

"I missed you so much Liz! I can't believe I'm here either!"


But this wasn't the shocked voice of Liz...this was a masculine and strong voice I hadn't heard in over three years. I stepped back and stared at the man in front of me, one who I thought would never have returned back to his original home.

"Jon...what are you doing here?"

The End

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