Little Goodbyes

Roy and I have been going out for as long as I can remember. Since that first real date, we clung to each other like glue. Of course we gave each other our space to have our own personal moments for ourself, but to be quite frank, we were inseperable.

It wasn't all just about love. We were kind of best friends now as well. We talked about a lot of things philosophically as both Roy and I had quite a different view on things. We talked about life and death, trust and honesty, friendship, the end of the world, anything. Of course we had our share of heated arguements but we couldn't go an hour without talking to each other.

Marissa and Leah had a pleasent surprise when they returned and found us having such a close bond. Marissa joked about me, saying how I'd had a lack in my relationship with guys since my teenage years had began. But she was real happy to see me like this and said, "Now tell me, moving wasn't such a bad thing was it?"

But what came more of a shock was when Leah pulled me away from Marissa and Roy during a picnic, to talk to me personally.

"Celeste, I don't know how to thank you really."

"Thank me? For what?" I said with a laugh.

She clutched my hands and looked into my eyes and said, "For changing Roy. You really don't know how different he is now than he was before. After his parents death, he was like a robot, a human without a soul. I don't know what you did to him but...he's got spirit now. Thank you so much."

Then she threw her hands around me and gave me a hug which I returned back, feeling a bit dazed and flattered. Had I really been such an influence on him? But whatever I did, I seemed to be having a good effect on him.

Marissa and I were leaving to Florida for Christmas which was only two weeks away. We were going to have a long Christmas break, till the second week of January. I'm hoping to create some quality memories during that time. Roy and Leah are planning to join us there but first they are going to meet some family friends in Georgia. We were leaving for Florida tonight and I couldn't wait to meet Liz again. She doesn't like surprises but that's probably what I'm going to do.

The flight was at nine tonight and Roy and Leah were going to drive us there. At the moment, I was packing the things I needed up while Marissa was making sure we had everything we needed in the hall.

Once I was done packing, I headed downstairs, greeted by Roy and Leah who entered through the front door. Seeing the heavy suit case in my hand, Roy immediately offered to carry it.

"Always the gentleman," I said with a grin while giving it to him.

We packed everything into the car then Leah took the driver seat along with Marissa in the front while Roy and I sat in the back. He traced circles along my palm while Leah and Marissa started their own conversation, not paying much attention to us.

"I'm going to miss you," he whispered, looking down at my hand.

I leaned in and pecked him on the cheek then whispered back that I'll miss him too. After that the ride to the airport was filled with silence except for the chatter between my mom and Roy's aunt. When we got there, Marissa and I headed inside with trolleys on which were our bags and said our farewells to Roy and Leah. Leah gave me a hug and a kiss on both cheeks before waving me off. Roy on the other hand just stood there with a dorky smile on his face, hands in pockets, and waved as we left.

"No kiss goodbye?" Marissa asked while shuffling through our passports and papers.

"Nope," I said happily. "It doesn't matter for us as long as we both love each other." And that was very true indeed.

The End

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