Silent Treatment

I woke up early the next morning, early enough to leave to school without being noticed by Roy. Quickly and quietly eating my cereal, I left the house and walked to school which was a fare distance away. The day kept going on, classes, taking notes, surprise pop quizzes. But the one thing I wasn’t looking forward to was lunch.

I knew Roy would be waiting for me, acting as if nothing had happened between us and waiting for me to start talking to him again. But I won’t. I’m not going to unless he talks to me first. I hate being the one to break the ice.

Stepping into the cool, air conditioned cafeteria, I walked in, my eyes sweeping over the room. He was sitting in the centre table, staring at me intensely, waiting for me to sit next to him. I walked past, got my food, and ignored him, sitting down at the farthest table away from him.

People’s eyes followed me when they noticed that I was not sitting with my usual partner. Soon, people would think we’d ‘seperated’. Since when had we been ‘together’ anyways?

I stabbed my potato slice violently and popped it into my mouth, eating slowly. I felt someone behind me and I ignored him, knowing who it was.


I drank my orange juice and then took another bite out my lunch.

“Speak to me Cel.”

He sat down next to me and rested his hand on my shoulder which I shook off and pulled back from him.


I shut my eyes, trying to resist the urge to turn around and hug him and talk to him again. He was pleading and I hated hearing him like this…but…it had to be this way.

The moment I finished my last bite, I got up, slinging my bag over my shoulder and left the cafeteria, leaving him behind. Tears stung at the corner of my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. I shouldn’t cry…that makes me be weak and I need to be strong to make this work. Weakness is my only weakness and I wasn’t going to let it take the better off me.




It’s been now a week since we spoke. Every day, he’d come and sit down next to me, plead with me, try to get me to talk. But all the way though, I ignored him. I didn’t need him. Then why did I cry myself to sleep every night?

I walked back ‘home’ slowly. I’d stayed an hour and a half afterschool in the library, studying, trying to pass the time, not wanting to go back to dread away in the silence I was waiting for him to break.

Opening the door to the house, I stepped in and walked toward my room. Closing the door behind me, I turned around and set my things down with a sigh. That’s when I heard the click of the door behind me. I whirled around to see Roy leaning against it, having locked it so there was no escape for me.

“It’s time you and I have a talk.”

The End

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