Break Down

"Do you know how rude it is when you leave just like that in a middle of a conversation?!" I yelled at him.

He turned around, surprised to see my little outburst  of anger. I glared at him coldly, waiting for him to say something.

"I didn't have anything to say to you...that's why I le-"

"Just because you have nothing to say back to me doens't mean you can leave me with questions hanging in the air. You always do that and it hurts me cause I have no idea how you're feeling or what you're thinking.

"And sometimes I feel like utter crap because I have no idea who you are behind the mask! You always try to figure others out, can't you realize that I'm trying to do the exact same with you?"

Roy's face was a mixture between confusion, shock and a tinge of hurt as he watched me.

"And you know what else hurts? The fact that I don't even know what the hell is going on between us! You tell me I'm your friend and that I'm only just that. I feel confused cause that's not how I feel about you and you certainly don't act like a friend to me!"

Tears stung at the corner of my eyes and Roy stepped closer toward me but I held up my hand for him to stop.

"No...just don't..." My voice shook as the tears were now openly flowing down my face. "I want to be alone...don't come near me."

I ran out the room, towards mine, once I was inside, I leaned against the wall and burst into tears. I knew he could hear my sobs and I think it's time he did.

The End

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