Unexpected Turns

"How'd school go today Celeste?" My mom's voice called out to me as I walked into the apartment and into my room.

"Just fine mom!" I called back.

Setting my bag on top of my desk and kicking out of my converse shoes, I flopped on top of the bed, closing my eyes.

"Is this how you're planning on spending the rest of the day?"

I opened my eyes slightly and saw my mom leaning against the door, looking amused.

"Roy and his aunt are dropping by. I'm going out of the city for a short trip with her, meanwhile you'll be staying with Roy, okay?"

I almost jumped up in excitement when hearing this. Me...Roy...together...in one house...for how long?

"We'll be gone for two weeks. I'm sure you and Roy can manage together right?"

I nodded, getting up slowly. "So, should I pack up my clothes and things?"

"Yeah, I think that would be good."

The moment Marissa stepped out the room, I jumped up in hyper-ness and started packing hurriedly. This is going to be fun.


I looked up as Roy entered the room with a small smile on his face. He nodded at me and then sat down on the couch, flicking through the TV channels. The nod supposedly meant that Mom and his aunt had already left.

"Are you comfortable with this?" I asked quietly, looking at him to see his reaction.

He turned off the TV, and smiled.

"Yeah I am. You're my friend afterall."

Friend. A pang of pain hit my chest and I tried not to cough dramatically.

"Friend..." I lingered on the word, as Roy looked at me curiously, waiting for me to continue. When I didn't say anything as the silence went on, he cleared his throat.

"What?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"You're not being yourself. You're not chipper like you usually are."

"You don't know me Roy. You said it yourself."

"I told you that it's hard for me to figure you out. That doesn't necessarily mean I don't know you."

"Well to me it does. I don't want you to figure me out. Just go with what you have, you don't need to do some extra analysis of me. And you kept saying I was perfect before you kissed me. And my opinion, is that no one's perfect. Everyone has their flaws! Especially me!"

The silence between us was endless after my biting words. Roy just stared at me, his face calm as ever, like it always was. He never ever got angry or upset or anything else, he was always calm. And sometimes his facade is hard to look past. I want to know how he feels.

Then just like he had before, he got up and left the room. I blinked at the empty space in front of me where he'd been sitting before, anger, confusion and hurt boiling inside of me. Why did he always leave so abruptly?

I got up, muttering curses under my breath and literally shaking. I stormed up the stairs and kicked his room door open.

We had to settle things.

The End

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